First Impressions of Screen Protector Only

I would think most ~12" screen protectors would work just fine, it doesn’t need to be an exact fit.

@Matsleight Thank you for the post!
Please, would it be possible for you to upload some photos of the new glass screen protector, to better understand your experience?

I decided to order a tempered glass screen protector for the 12,3" Surface Pro at eBay.
I’ll post my experiences once I’ve received my V (FS 4/12)


I look forward to your feedback on your purchase! I will be posting photos of what my screen protector (that came with the Eve V) looks like.

I’m kind of surprised that no one from the Eve team has responded in here. It’s like they want us to assume that the they knew this whole time that the “free” screen protector would be crap for us early backers.

Here is a pic of the screen protector I have, as you can see I aligned the right edge with V frame and this is the gap on left side. So there s probably a 1-2 mm gap all around top and left side, bottom is 1/2 mm and right is on the frame.
You can see from the camera holes if I’d not gone tight to the frame they would be centered better - but as is, all works ok. As i said before my biggest gripe is its not slippy enough with your finger when using touch, but its quite a small gripe.
Pen seems to work fine - I’m not an artist but doodling seemed ok.


This is the glass screen protector from, correct?

Yes 20202020 and so on and on

Since I started this thread and said I would post pics of the crap screen protector that came with the Eve (full of debris and dirty before installation).

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Threw mine away as well. Just installed the ZAGG HD glass for SP4. Yes there is a 3mm gap around the sides and the holes don’t line up etc, but it works great. Installation is a breeze.


So I have another question. I’m going thru this thread and I agree, there was alot of debris when installing mine. So I spent 2 hours lining up then slowly pealing back, taking tape underneath and removing every piece of debris. It was alot but no bubbles or debris under protector. MY PROBLEM IS, I thought the film was going to be somewhat anti-reflective??? Am I wrong? If anything, it seam even MORE reflective. Adding a greyish Haze and making it almost a mirror.

I really don’t want the screen to get scuffed up from the keyboard but idk if I can deal with it???

I don’t recall anything being said about the screen protector being anti-glare or anti-reflective. Also, there’s a difference between the two: anti-reflective means it will obscure reflecting all visible light and may look similar to frosted glass; anti-glare means that it will essentially only prevent reflection of high-intensity white light.

It could be that the glue and plastic of the screen protector is interacting with the anti-glare coating on the glass and causing the greyish haze you see while also removing the anti-glare property. This is similar to what happens you put clear tape on frosted glass.

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Yes, on another tablet of mine (Galaxy note 8.0) I have an anti-glare screen protector similar to the frosted matte glass look, but it works wonders! Screen comes right thru, very clear, non-blurry and have also had it on for 4 years with not one scratch or scuff. All while using the Note’s hard plastic tip stylus… So if we can get a screen protector like that, maybe somewhere in the middle, Anti-glare-02I would highly invest :heavy_dollar_sign::money_mouth_face:

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While I can’t speak to the V in this regard, in 3+ years of slamming my SP3 keyboard shut against it’s screen, that has never been the cause of a scratch.


What type of glass is on surface pros compared with eve v? (Well from one day of use without the protector on I noticed 2 tiny spots, which I thought were particles of dust but they wouldn’t come off. And I was extremely careful being the first day and all. Like bringing a baby home :baby:so I decided might as well put the protector on)

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and 2017 both use Gorilla Glass 4.

In the Eve V specs it says: “Gorilla Glass with anti-fingerprint, Anti-reflection coating”.
That’s as good as it gets about the glass specification.

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How well do the camera holes and other holes line up with those on the Eve? If they don’t line up do you see it affecting the performance of the camera or sensors at all on the Eve anyway?

They do not line up at all but i dont see any issues as the camera sees through clear glass. Of course I am not doing any creative high end photography so wouldn’t know if there any issues with colors etc.

Dear All,
I bought my screen protector on Amazon.
Model : IVolver for Surface pro 4_ 10,8euros

Result : Simply Perfect
I recommand



How’s the touch/pen interaction with the screen protector? I noticed it’s 9H glass.

I have just tried and it works perfectly.
I didn’t notice difference since my screen application.

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