First impressions (and issues)


Hey everyone,

So I finally got my V, and thought I’d share my experience so far. I didn’t receive the sleeve, and this is because apparently I had to resubmit this purchase twice on Backerkit and I missed this. So sadly no sleeve for me, which is a bit annoying. I’m switching from my Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 to the V, and this is what I think so far (day 3):

The device itself looks quite nice, sturdy and high end. For most things, it performs fine, and it’s really refreshing to not see bloatware everywhere. The screen is indeed super gorgeous. Performance is adequate, and the unboxing experience was nice (except for the lacking sleeve). Using it so far, I’ve had a few issues or things I’m not so keen on that I think are worth mentioning:

  1. So I often use my laptops with a Dynadock and a second screen. When it’s connected to the dock, I noticed that when the V sleeps/hibernates, it sometimes randomly turns back on. When the device is on sleep mode, plugging the charger in also caused it to turn on. I’m sometimes also having issues when I try to turn it back on from sleep intentionally. Similar issues arise when I turn it back on intentionally: the device appears to be on, but the screen isn’t showing anything, just black. It then only works if I manually press on/off a few times (although it sometimes reboots completely too).

  2. There have been issues with the keyboard: often, the lights have been incessantly flickering, so had to turn them off. There was one occurrence where the keyboard wouldn’t type despite it being connected and laptop on. There was another instance where typing would cause parts of the screen to flicker! I took videos of these issues, so I’ll upload them later for you to see. Edit: quick videos here, but I’ll upload better quality ones so the problem is more apparent:

  3. The front camera and mic are really low quality - I haven’t properly looked at promised specs for these so I’m not sure whether it’s supposed to be like that or not, but my two year old laptop, and older phones, both have better quality. I’m currently in transit but will try to upload photos later.

So far I’m therefore a bit divided / disappointed. Perhaps it isn’t fair to compare it to my previous Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 given that this is a 2-in-1, but I wasn’t expecting to notice obvious downgrades (eg camera). Anyways, maybe my device is faulty, but I’d be keen to have the views of other owners too!

Any questions please ask. :slight_smile:



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Glad you got your V!

If you have not done so already, please contact our support team through the contact form on We’ll see if we can find a solution!

During the crowd-development phase of the V, it was decided that the device needed cameras, but that their quality wasn’t important enough to invest in. As such, the cameras will not be the best out there. They should still function for video calls and the like, though!


Thanks! I did contact support for the sleeve, and I was told that I would need to wait for the store to open… As for the camera, that’s understandable ans fair enough, although yesterday I had to actually switch to Skype on my phone during a call because quality just wasn’t sufficient (in my opinion). And also, what about the other issues I raised?


Thanks a lot Seb!

@Helios did answer other question but as for the keyboard it’s not supposed to be like that! Issue is for sure with the keyboard not the devic. This could be a firmware problem but anyways there is a mistake on our end. Could you drop a line to our support with the video and we will get it sorted asap!

Did any other HEB experience this? We haven’t seen this before.

Thanks a lot for reporting the issue it helps us make sure that this doesn’t happen to other people!


Hey Konsta

Thanks for the quick answer! I’ll send a video etc. and more details to support.

I also just woke up my laptop from sleep now, and the keyboard issue started again. I couldn’t move the mouse well or it would be buggy etc. I’ll send more videos to support.

And one last other issue, probably linked to the above somehow: when I flip the keyboard and use the laptop as a tablet, I get the autorotate message / tablet mode notification / sticky keys prompt very often.




I noticed this one, too. There is also a spot when attaching the keyboard, where it is still just about 1/2 mm off but it seems to sit tight. When you look at the pogo pin location closely, you can see a small gap. When positioned like that I had problems with the keyboard and the touchpad. After noticing this, I corrected the position so that there is no gap and any problems I hab before where gone. (Btw. the keyboard is great to type on. I’m faster on this than on my standard keyboard.)


This is a matter of aligning pogo pins. Sometimes it might not allium perfectly so that happens. Reconnecting the keyboard solves the issue. It happens because of the magnet strength as it is quite strong and foxes keyboard in the position you attached it in.


Ihad problems with Dynadock in the past with a Dell XPS - maybe an incompatibility there?


As for the Dynadock it’s a matter of making it compatible in case it doesn’t follow standards like thunderbolt or usb c.

So the doc has to be certified for certain technology to work out of the box.


Went to browse the BIOS settings, could not use V’s keyboard, so attached USB one.
Is there any trick to make keyboard works on BIOS?


It should work if it’s connected with the pogo pins


It was connected via pogos.
Used arrows to browse, but nothing happened. Tried F keys, same…


Now it works…strange


Maybe you also have the issue/situation mentioned above:


Hi funknflex, is it possible for you to tell me if voice recording in onenote is of any good? I plan to use the V with onenote very often (I’m a physics student) and I’m afraid it won’t record the voice of my teachers with a decent sound quality (that is, a sound that I can understand when I get home).

I don’t know anyone who tried this (I’ve searched the forum); if you do, please let me know.


We went for really good microphones with proper noice canceling and Cortana certification. My personal experience with them is extremely good. We will make sure to make latest drivers for windows 1709 available to everyone!


Hi all, thanks for the answers. By way of update:

Re camera / mic, I did another call recently and it was better than the first few tries (although still a step down from previous laptops I owned).

However, I’ve gotten two green screens of deaths out of nowhere recently, causing me to lose data twice.


Ok, thanks, I won’t read impressions anymore :slight_smile: They’re really confusing. It’s best to wait for my limited bird V and experience it myself.


I haven’t tried the OneNote thing but can do so when I find the time / go to a lecture.

Separately, I suppose with HEBs there will perhaps be some anomalies with a few devices. Mine seems to be one of these faulty devices I think. I contacted the support team and will see what they say.


Haven’t tried it on the V but use this sometimes when taking notes during meetings and there are too many important facts to note them on the fly. This works really great in OneNote and could be a great thing for lectures as it not only records everything linear, but also syncs your hand written notes with the recording so you can just listen to the part around your note. Only thing you have to take care of, is that you may not share the recordings in most cases. I typically delete them after completing the notes, so no problems can arise later on.