First impression from HEB V


So let me give you here my first impressions of the V

The box arrived in perfect condition.The packaging itself is very premium.Once i opened it all up i was very impressed.I opened it with my sister ,she is a macbook pro user(2015).
When i had everything in front of me touching and feeling it i thought i had something special in my hands,something limited,something that not a lot of people will have (yet).
The housing of the V is perfect!, cold aluminum and with a colour that couldn’t have been chosen better. I want to inform you here that my girlfriend has an HP Elite X2, so i can compare it with this and the Macbook pro.

My sister was very impressed by the build quality and the color and the unboxing experience.This is from a startup company?, she said. It’s like Apple made it and the packaging is better! Don’t get me started on the Elite X2, it came in a brown carton box and everything inside was packaged in transparent bags.

The keyboard.
Later about the negative, now about the feel. I like the Alcantara fabric.Feels very premium.Yes it does pick up dust but you just wipe it away with your hand or blow and that’s it.The corners of the keyboard are perfectly put together.Very premium.Key travel is good. It’s a clicky keyboard and i like it.Much better than the Elite X2 which has some cheap fabric and that hangs out the corners.When you want to open the keyboard from the HP screen you grab it by the excess fabric. Macbook keyboard is a little better.i like both.

First do youself a favour and go to settings-display and disable the Auto brightness.Now the screen can go to maximum brightness,which is alot! My eyes hurt.Very crisp.super colors.A top tier display.
I was working at around 25% brightness which is perfect for indoor use .
I never use auto brightness,it always dims the display.and that extra ambient sensor has to always work to regulate the display…so more consumption.
I switched from the standard to the uncalibrated profile and the difference is very noticable.Good job done here.Very impressed.
Compared to Elite X2 …no comparisson…By far the better display in every way.Especially in brightness.
Compared to Macbook pro the screen is much brighter and has better colors. In the same room with the V I need 25% brightness whereas in the Macbook I need 65%.Yes that much of a difference.Very impressed by the screen. Good choice, worth the wait.

We all read how the speakers are here. I know how bad a speaker sounds like.The Elite X2 has Bang & Olufsen speakers which are soooo bad that you cannot hear even at maximum volume when somebody else in the room is speaking. No volume at all, Terrible.
The V’s speakers are much louder and cleaner.The have some volume to them.I was so relieved they where not like the HP. No distortion at high volume,no crackling sound.
They sound a little tinny, but we all hope it can be fixed.We will see.
Compared to Macbook pro….you know…I don’t have to say anything.

Works very good. You can write,you can take notes. it is accurate. Will not use it much but my sister will,because she in an artist and has a Youtube channel and she will start drawing with the V and she will tell me how good It is. Pen holds firmly to the side. No complaints there.

And now for the negative

Update:USB-C 3.0 is a little flimsy. The connected cable does not go all the way in and it wobbles a little. No problem with charging though.
The thunderbolt 3 USB is perfect. rock solid

Keyboard and trackpad is not working at all. The lights come on but it is dead. I don’t think I am doing something wrong. You should just connect it and it should work. No drivers, no charging, nothing. So at the moment I have no keyboard or trackpad.
I sent an email to support and I wait for an answer.
And now I wonder….Where is the quality check? Something as simple as let’s see before we pack it together ….is the keyboard working?

At the moment that’s the only negative.And it’s a big one!
I am left with no keyboard and trackpad.:disappointed_relieved:
I ask again am I doing something wrong? I also left it to charge for hours,but nothing.(I know it has nothing to do with this)


As long as it’s properly connected to the V, it should register without needing to charge (you’ll have to wait for bluetooth). It sounds like you just got a dead keyboard. I’m sure Eve will be happy to send you another keyboard!

Sorry, just saw that.


yes i reached out to them through support. i wait for an answer.


I think before V is depatched from Eve, Keyboard should be done first by proper pairing with V by default in QC or other department. Technically for us that are non-techni like me sometimes don’t know how to figure out the way to solve, maybe miss out some way around, try and error… Quite frustrating in first Out of box experience. We are looking forward our V can be directly used in the first hand without facing so much pieces of oops for end user.


I mean it isn’t that hard to do, but it would also increase the time needed in the factory.


Entirely true, but also how does QC know that the BT works properly on the keyboard? I’m not sure if that’s something that they even check though.


Yes, checking the function for 1min against waiting 1-2weeks for the new keyboard


My V was DOA. imagine the fun. And it has been quality checked twice and must have run for display calibration.
With electronics you simply have a certain failure rate. Sure you can cut it down by rigorous checking, but there simply is no way to reach 100%.


yes check for 1 minute if the keyboard is working and if not replace it.that would spare me waiting time for a new keyboard.hope I will not have the same fiasco as with the v shipping and 4px


@chriskirza can you check if your keyboard is fully connected with V?

Fully connected

NOT fully connected

Also please check if pogo pin of keyboard is not broken.
Good pogo pins should looks like this:

In addition, please check if Bluetooth mode of keyboard is working


Keyboard is fully connected. I connected and disconnected multiple times. it sits snug. it does not move nor left nor right.
Pogo pins are not broken. They look perfect.
Bluetooth is not working. When I start the procedure as described it is not visible to connect.
keyboard Lights turn on though

EDIT: connected with Bluetooth. and is working as wireless keyboard and trackpad.
But still does not work when connected trough pogo pins