First come, first serviced


On January 4th I posted the following without receiving an answer. Like my poat befor with the same topic:
“One or 2 weeks ago I asked , if the rule “first come, first served” is still valid. But I received no answer…”

Now I can guess why this rule is no more valid: An email announced yesterday (my understanding) that one can buy a V right now and then it could be delivered at the end of march.
I bought mine in December and it also will be delivered in march - say EVE.
So the new rule is: First come, served when EVE decides?



How do you know when you will receive your V. Maybe it can be in the beginning of March or middle of March.

Every web order has an estimation for delivery. If its currently at March, then it’s March. That estimation can slip because of CNY now.

The first flash sale buyers are of course going to get their devices before the ones that order now.


Oh me oh my…
I already thought rule are flexible. Hugs…
Nice to hear you would pack an xtra parcel for me if necessary before shipping hundreds of others in a batch to Europe.


I think you can assume that your order will be fulfilled either before or at the same time of any subsequent one, but not later.


Didn’t you hear they sent hundred to the US before they sent a single one to Malaysia? It’s basically anarchy over there. They’re doing whatever they want!

My, but that’s flexible.


Well, that’s how it works anywhere basically. It’s just common sense.

Let’s say you have a queue of 3 people waiting. The first one was originally supposed to receive things on day 1, the second on day 10 and the third on day 20 according to planned availability of components.
Now let’s say you receive (although later than expected) enough components to fulfill all 3 orders: what do you do? Do you fulfill all of them together or do you fulfill only the first and then pointlessly wait 10 days for the second and 20 days for the third? You fulfill all of them together, of course…

And then of course there’s the special cases where some particular issue is preventing to fulfill a specific order in the queue, like the address not existing, the money not received, legal compliance with some regulation missing and so on. In that case you don’t stop all the queue of course: you take out that specific item from the queue and continue as usual while the involved parties work on solving the problem.

So, assuming there are no problems related to the specific case, I’d say he’ll most likely receive his device either before any subsequently placed order or at the same time (minus the variability introduced by delivery, of course). If there’s any problem with a group of orders, (based on the location, for example), he’ll receive the device when those issues are solved and in the meantime delivery will continue where such problems doesn’t exist.


wow, so well put and constructed.

Do you mind if I use your mini dissertation above in my upcoming thesis on probability vs actualities in China?

I reckon I’d be sent to the top of the class with that.

Then they’d tell me to jump off.


Ok, you made your joke.

Care to elaborate the reason of your sarcasm now?


Now, important would be in which December you bought. (16/17)
If it was flash sale then it will be delivered in order, that’s what I would expect.


He doesn’t sound dead inside yet. '17.