Firmware v105 bug - disconnecting usb-c HUB when in stand by

I’ve updated my monitor from 104 - where I had the same Issue where the monitor disconnects the devices I had connected when it goes to standby - to 105 and the same bug it is present.

I’m using the display with a 2019 macbook pro via USB-C

Hi @Daniel_Croitoru,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Spectrum.

If you can change the OSD Settings to the below.

Select USB hub source → USB-C
USB Hub → Always on

This should resolve your issue, if this does not please let me know. (It could be settings on the MBP that needs changing)

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does the first thing I did. Still not working.

I would assume this is related, and we just got an update from Niraj: Display "Idle to On" transition resets USB Hub