Firmware updates


You are welcome! Personally I don’t have any problems maybe you have and you are seeing problems to other people. :wink:


If Eve can’t update perhaps they should find another line of business. Computers MUST be updated with relevant firmware and software or else it’s just a POS.


I’ve got a well working V here as my daily driver in business. it even works with 1804 Windows 10 April update now. I don’t miss any updates and if there is a problem I had good search and try- success here in the community. But maybe you’re right and I am lying in the sun at the beach of your pessimists ocean… getting maybe sunburned soon…


From what is going on here, you are one of the few without problems. I wish you continued success. My only problem is with the color driver changing to uncorrected now and then. This is a very common problem reported here. A good company would have addressed this looong ago. And please don’t tell me it’s not Eve’s fault. It is up to them to fix this just like all the big boys do, or just get out of the way. As for me, a Surface Pro would have been a wise and faster, more reliable choice. It may cost more, but it is supported. That’s more important than saving a couple hundred bucks on a major purchase. At this point I don’t expect ANYTHING from Eve. Lesson learned.


…did someone ask for @TheBestPessimist ?


I totally agree on this, the Firmware is still somewhat Buggy (ghost touch, sleep battery drain, etc.) and have gone almost a full year without any updates.

I hate to be telling this as a Senior Creator, but almost a year after release and we still have the same bugs that we had on day one. I want to recommend this product, the hardware is fantastic, but I simply cant recommend a product that has 50/50 chance of getting depleted battery after sleep.


As there was - over a long time - no news from @Team regarding the promised BIOS fixex: could you say something to this? I know you’ve got to fight with financial problems, but as they seem to be solved, please find the time for a comment on this.


don’t forget the goodix fingerprint issue


I am enjoying my V too, and everything is working well and as I had expected.

Is that you over there a little way on the same beach?

You can join me here if you want, specially if you’re getting a little too burnt from the pessimism suns rays.

I’ve got a spare set of beach umbrellas, as well as some gorgeous girls who are rubbing sun screen lotion on me every now and then. Oh I’ve also got an extra crate of cold beer, it’s all too much me to drink by myself.

There is one condition though.
Just don’t tell @Wickedly about this spot please. image


@Team, would appreciate some update on this as well!

Is @Xinjie still with Eve? Any chance of an update from him?


Does anyone from Eve still visit the forums? The weekly update is usually just the post and then they disappear. I haven’t seen any active participation from anyone from Eve in weeks…


They’re working, alright?


Thats just it. It’s just the weekly update and then they disappear. Firmware updates are not related to their issues with shipping new V’s. It’s a support issue and some member of the support team or moderator team should chime in here.


@nawthor just noticed you’re the Community Manager for Eve. Is there any way to get an answer on issue of firmware updates or if there are at least any plans for new releases?


@Team, @nawthor, @Konstantinos, this is an important part of supporting your product into the future. Can you please respond with the status of current or future firmware updates?


Brub. @nawthor is just a part time community manager and a full time student. He really doesn’t have the answers u so desperately want. Ur barking up the wrong tree. Maybe you should try a less hostile approach.


My mistake. When I saw the title Community Manager I assumed it was an official appointment. @nawthor I apologize for unnecessarily tagging you.

@tld8102, what did you take as hostile in my requests and what is a better way to get an answer?


The tone of your post sounded like a scolding rant.


I’m sorry you felt that way. I can see the (well deserved) scolding, but the rant? :sleeping:

Will mail support as well.


I’m sorry for not answering, but @tld8102 mostly covered why. In essence, it’s because I don’t know. I had intended to answer, but with Uni starting up, it slipped my mind and I never did.

It is an official appointment. It’s just that with everything going on on my end, and that there isn’t really all that much the community can do/ is doing at this point, I don’t have the level of insight that most other members of the team have. And I also live in another country than the rest of the team, so I don’t get the natural flow of information that comes from being in the room where it happens.

(I’ll also mention that if you @mention Team, everyone in the group gets notified, so there is no reason to @mention anyone in the group individually. There are no duplicate or extra highlighted notifications.)