[🔥 HOT UPDATE 🔥] Results of The Team Workshop Today: Timelines, Keyboard Layouts and Other Hot Questions Answered!


Nihao Eve Family!

As I have promised in our official FAQ thread we had a product workshop today in which we discussed current project schedule and questions that popped up during order confirmation process.

Without further ado I’ll jump into topics we discussed and decisions we made.

###1. Timeline

I have mentioned it before but would like to get back to this question. We think all the backers and community members should know what stage we are at and how the delivery dates looks like. I, personally, really dislike when companies provide unclear shipping timelines :innocent:

Our team has reviewed the timeline today and things look good! We are on track to deliver Vs during promised Feb-March time frame.

Right now Vs are in certification stage (CE, FCC, CCC, and other country specific certifications ) that is conducted by 3rd parties. As we are shipping to many countries we have a lot of certificates to get and as a result this process takes a lot of time to complete.

In order to mitigate possibility of delays we used money raised during the Indiegogo to purchase V components.

Additionally in our view big delays (more than a month) are not foreseeable.

Despite the fact that things are looking good now there is always a chance of slight schedule slippage

In our view there are 2 things that can cause it.

  1. Certification authorities taking longer than expected to certify devices
  2. During community test device review some unknown bugs are found that can’t be easily fixed by software update.

People who purchased Limited bird perk will receive their device approximately 1 month after first 500 devices are produced and shipped to Hyper Early Bird backers.

Also I would like to remind you that:

We will not send out review units to press or Youtubers nor will we open our online sales again before early backers receive their Vs! So delivering on time is our team’s top priority!

###2. Keyboard Layouts

One of the hottest issues is localization of V keyboard. As we have previously mentioned it is quite a tricky thing to do from manufacturing stand point for small volumes (small = less than 1000 keyboards per language).

Below are answers to popular questions:

When will we see localized layout for V keyboard?

@iKirin and @Mike will kick off community threads per each layout confirming with community members from those countries that it’s the layout they want. The goal is to lock down all of the current layouts next week.

What if my layout was not available as an add on?

Our recommendation is for you to take the layout that is closest to your desired one. After a long review of this issue we think that as we managed to get so many layouts confirmed with our vendor adding couple more should not be a problem. But we cant promise anything yet. We will need to wait for Chinese New Year holiday to end first. If all is good we will notify you about new layout availability through community or email newsletter. So in the best case you will get layout you want in the worst case you will have layout closest to your desired one. Remember we will do everything we can to get what community needs!

What about Fn functions, Alt Gr and other function keys?

Based on the discussion thread started by @iKirin we have compiled a list of desired functions that looks like this:


Move existing functions:
	- 'Insert' from F10+Fn to Delete+Fn
	- 'Toggle Keyboard Brightness' from F11+Fn to F10+Fn
New functions:
	- 'AltGr' as default-key right beside the keyboard
	- 'Menu' as AltGr+Fn
	- 'Fn-Lock' (only affecting F1-F12) to Esc+Fn (Indicator needed?)
	- 'WiFi on/off' to F11+Fn (possible?) - If not have 'Sleep'
	- 'Touchpad on/off' to Win+Fn

	AltGr should be present on all layouts (as people seem to want it) just where we right now have the "Menu"-Key.
	Menu would be reachable via a Fn-Combination (see proposed functions)
Proposed functions (all Fn combinations): 
	x Esc: Toggle Fn-Lock (only affecting F1-F12)
	- F1: Lower Screen Brightness
	- F2: Increase Screen Brightness
	- F3: Mute
	- F4: Lower Volume
	- F5: Increase Volume
	- F6: Previous Track
	- F7: Play/Pause
	- F8: Next Track
	- F9: PrintScreen
	x F10: Toggle Keyboard Brightness
	x F11: Toggle WiFi (if possible) or Sleep
	- F12: Toggle Bluetooth
	- ▽: Toggle Backlight Color
	x AltGr: Menu
	x Left Arrow: Home
	x Right Arrow: End
	x Up Arrow: Page Up
	x Down Arrow: Page Down
	x Win: Touchpad on/off

We will await for our supplier response after Chinese New Year and confirm it back to you submitting picture of final layout.

###3. Accessories

We received plenty of questions asking the exact specs of some of the cables and adapters that are available through BackerKit. We will double check them with suppliers immediately after Chinese New Year and get back to you.

Currently the hottest items were:

  • HDMI adapter Specs
  • Cable speeds and other relevant specs

We will compile all of the items above along with other accessories into a list. And provide members with the spec sheet.

###4. Community review units

Community review units will be sent out in Mid February. Community members will get access to test units before press and/or YouTubers (They will get it week before we kick off our sales again).

Challenge winners will be first to receive review devices.
We will keep you posted on unit delivery schedule and steps you need to take to participate in review program.

###5. Shipping

Some of the users asked us about possibility of combining shipments or sending items separately. We are now in discussion with our shipping partner and will notify you about how it would go as soon as we get confirmation from our partner.

Thats about it dudes! Thank you for everything!

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May I ask 2 more questions?

Q: Will the Fn-key be visible to the OS (as a scancode)?
(Important for those who want to change it to maybe Menu/Ctrl)

Q: Will the UEFI have basic touch-support?
(Important for bootloaders to have touch input)


Thanks for the project update and summary!

Could you also post a detailed summary about the current technical status (Eve (all these tests you spoke about while being in China), Keyboard (there were more technical questions than layout), Pen, Adapters, Chargers, Anti-Reflective Coating, etc…? That would be great.

I know that some of these questions were answered somewhere in the forum, but a detailed summary about all of the components would be quite cool (updated “Home” page?). There has been so much communication going on the last two months that a summary would be great.


This is the best thing ever! You guys keep deliver great news :smiley:


@Tirigon Good questions. From what i know UEFI supports touch as for the Fn will need to double check! Ill add it to the question list.

@Thospa Great idea! After we confirm items above we will make such an update. Cool idea!


Much appreciated, thanks alot :wink:


I feel like I am being spoiled by Eve… :baby: If this is your plan to make people stick around and drool for the V and be interest for future developments… Well, IT’S WORKING on me!
Seriously, it has been a long time since I have been waiting so much for a tech-product, and it will be tough to go back to the traditional way of buying things in a “close box”.

Congrats for the work so far :clap:, I hope the community can continue to contribute as constructively as it did up to now.


!! Great details, but Home and End hotkeys mixed up again? :slight_smile:

Are the components used in V pretty much standard parts that Windows can automatically install if you need to do some troubleshooting?


@Konstantinos was the possibility of a lapability case being produced discussed?


@reappear, components are Windows Certified so yes!

@lamu :imp: :imp: :imp: Plan is working :smiley:


YES! Adding it to my issue list. Short answer is yes we can do it in the near future. Right now we focus on shipping V then we do extra accessories!


@iKirin, @Konstantinos: please let this be a mistake and the actual function will be exactly swapped, I think it might be confusing the way it is described above. If it is just a mistake, the opening post should be corrected.

So I assume it should read:
x Left Arrow: Home
x Right Arrow: End

Thanks for the update on all these topics!


Corrected :smiley:


Amazing update guys. Thank you for the consistent communication. I know it’s a lot of work to answer all our questions. One suggestion - should we switch the “touchpad on/off” key and the “menu” key?

I think it is easier to press “Fn+Windows” with one hand as they will be right beside each other, whereas “Fn+AltGr” will require two hands. Since I likely won’t be toggling the touchpad frequently versus using the menu button, it might make more sense to switch them. Further, the “windows” button is already more like a “menu” button anyway, so it seems more intuitive. Let me know what you think.

As @reappear mentioned, I think the home and end functions are mixed up (left vs right). Everything else looks good.

I have some other small keyboard usability suggestions as well, but I’m generally happy with how the functions are turning out. For example, on Thinkpads, to toggle the keyboard light on/off, you hit “Fn+space”. Space is easier to find in the dark than F10, in case the backlight is off. Just a suggestion, but not critical at all.


@iKirin is now Chief Keyboard Layout and Usability Officer:)

@iKirin, got @MemoLucis request? :slight_smile:


Yes, please do this :slight_smile:

Any news about pairing and switching between devices on our wireless keyboard?


I beg to differ. Menu, at least for me is mostly only used with two hands on the kb, and at that point there is no trouble pressing them both. Not to mention, fn+windows is a really awkward combination to press, at least for me.[quote=“MemoLucis, post:15, topic:4753”]
“windows” button is already more like a “menu” button anyway, so it seems more intuitive.
It might be more intuitive to some, but to most who have used a kb with menu will probably find it odd to have it deviate so much from the standard position for it.


If I understand you correctly, you would switch Menu to fn+win, and touchpad toggle to fn+altgr? Fn+altgr to toggle touchpad wouldn’t be that intuitive, fn+win for Menu would be intuitive indeed. When I suggested fn+win in the other thread, someone mentioned that other manufacturers use fn+space to toggle touchpad. It could work better with menu being one handed operation, and toggling the touchpad intuitive as well.

Absolutely fantastic :slight_smile:

Pressing fn+win would be easy with the suggested layouts. I’m used to use menu button near arrow keys, but I wouldn’t mind it being pressed with left hand.


That depends on which suggested layout you’re talking about. If it’s ansi I don’t care, because I’m not going to use it. If it is ISO, I would politely disagree.
Considering how around 50% want alt gr and ctrl as the buttons between space and arrow, I would assume that is what we’re getting. (@Konstantinos, could you verify/ deny this.)
Seeing as we would then have only have one fn, between the left ctrl and windows. Then the only way to press fn+win would either be to use both the little finger and the thumb, or the thumb alone in a really awkward manner. At least that is my experience trying it out here and now.


Index finger and middle finger? Pinkie and ring finger? Just saying :smiley: Use the fingers that are close to each other… Using pinkie and thumb to press two keys that are right next to each other is awkward indeed :stuck_out_tongue: