Finally Gotten my V, what does everyone else think

So I received my V at the end of January, and have been using it regularly for about 2 weeks. Just updated to newest windows using manual update, now it updates on it’s own, and only have had a couple of issues that aren’t hardware related.

  1. Using hotel wifi was kicked off wifi, and had to get access point rebooted.
  2. Audio isn’t as loud as I thought it would be through the headphones. However that was only with AKG 7XX headphones, haven’t tried any others.

The screen protector works, but is not great at application waiting for glass one.

Will read about the EPGU. I see a number of posts on that, and think it would be a great addition, to the now discontinued Donald Dock project.

Has anyone else had the wifi problem?


This is a known issue, its limited artificially to prevent the device from damaging the headphones. A firmware update is supposed to fix that.

Dont ask me when the firmware update will arrive, been waiting for a year already


What does the device manager say about audio in- and output?
Idem for the network

Looking at the device manager, it’s the standard microsoft driver Realtek driver. That is for both input and output. The headphone jack is louder when I use a lower resistance headset like fiio ex1 16ohm impedance versus the AKG impedance 62ohm. Still not much of a driver difference, but the volume difference was noticeable.


Could you share the realtek driver version?

Everything is good, I just was using a high impedance headset, and it got louder.

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I do have the issue here too for wifi.

Suggested by admin is to dowlnoad the drivers from the site and try see if the wifi have issues after update.
May this help you with wifi issues

I heard that this is not software issue but hardware blockade.

Update and test again. Many people had success after the intel update. Don’t know why but it fixed it. Mine included [quote=“Hedge, post:7, topic:16746, full:true”]
I do have the issue here too for wifi.

Suggested by admin is to dowlnoad the drivers from the site and try see if the wifi have issues after update.
May this help you with wifi issues

I don’t have these issues… But yep the audio volume can be bigger

I tried on the glass protector for a few weeks and finally I peeled it off just because the screen is sooo nice, the protector will increase its reflectability. For now I just put it between the KB and screen as a shield, that’s a better way of use imo.

There is a solid link between impedance and volume.

So I bought the Broteck glass screen protector, one note, it is very thin and bendy, so not a rigid tempered glass screen protector like I put on an ipad, or a phone. Works, but had to push out bubbles for a few weeks. Screen is great, and audio seems pretty good. Have some issues with evernote, and writing recognition, but that is probably down to my pen position and not the device, or new unknown issues.

One thing to keep in mind, this processor while pretty quick isn’t the strongest out there, don’t try games like FIFA 2018, because it will move in Slow Motion, even with a Breakaway Puck GPU attacked. Still looking at ways of speeding it up. Any thoughts?

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Try upping the TDP to 15W using XTU, make sure you use an external monitor for the eGPU

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I will, hadn’t been willing to risk going that high.

I am still waiting for my Eve. How long between the order and delivery was there?

Took about 2 weeks, to get that.

My WiFi is fine, however, my keyboard does not work. Has anyone had a problem getting a replacement for anything. I got the shipment July 21 and after several very slow back-and-forths with tech support, they said they would send a new keyboard within 14 business days! That means I will have the Eve V for a month with no keyboard. Still no word on a shipment date, price of computer has been lowered, and no one will respond to emails. Any ideas how I can get a reply, a discount, and a working keyboard?

Forget about kb. I am waiting for over the year already. Had 2 V’s and keyboards returned. 1st in 2 months after the screen died, another after few more months when kb was wild. Third keyboard became terrible in a month, and died after 5 more months of very scarce use. I’m HEB btw. So, I guess we wasted our hard earned money and will have an overpowered tablets. Buy some random ok bluetooth kb, don’t be a slowpoke like me, I’m still waiting. Didn’t even buy a proper pen for it. Very unsatisfactory experience.

I would say you email report. They may give you a keyboard if they have any available.

Hello All,
I’m sorry if this is not the right place but since Southloop posted about receiving his pc I thought I would try here. I have yet to receive my PC from my order over a year ago. Now with the new website I can even find the login option. Any tips appreciated?

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