Finally finished with my exams!


I haven’t officially introduced myself, even though I have been a member for a while.
But since I just finished my exams for this semester, I do have a lot more spare time from now on. Well, until my next exam :wink:

So here it goes, my official introduction:
Hello, everyone!
My name is Johan. I’m living in Uppsala, Sweden, where I’m studying medicine. I’ve been interested in technology for as long as I can remember and I visit various tech-sites every day to try to keep myself up-to-date.
I first came in contact with this community via when the indigogo campaign started. I immediately fell in love with the V and the concept of a community made 2-in-1.
Currently I own a custom desktop computer for gaming´and other home use, as well as a four year old Asus zenbook for school. It’s the zenbook I intend to replace with the V :smiley:

Anyway, that’s me. Have a nice /insert time of day, depending on where you are and when you’re reading this/!


Congrats on passing your exams!

We are having something similar to exams now as well with all the certification we have ongoing :slight_smile:

Welcome to the family!


I hope the V graduates!
With all these pre-orders, it’s got a better job guarantee with its course than most of us mere humans ever will =)


Lucky you! I’ve got this week left for my last assignment then I start my project from the end of this month.


Hehe, I bet the V will pass with flying colours :smiley: I have faith in V and team Eve!

Good luck with your assignment and project. ZeroInfinite!


Thanks mate. Finished my last assignment. Now it’s time to start my project using Microsoft Holo Lens :slight_smile:

Really excited about the possibilities with this


Hololens? That should be a fun project! What is it about?


Wow that’s awesome :laughing:

Does your institution provide you with the Holo Lens?

I recently managed to do a project with my HTC Vive for a masters course,
but I had to buy my own Vive to make that happen :sob:


Boy, that’s cool! Stuff like HoloLens makes me question whether I’ve chosen right field of study… Make the best of it! :smiley:


Yeah. It’s a good MSc research project which I can’t say yet as my professor wants me to submit it to IEEE journal for the research idea I have. Once he’s okay with it then I’ll let you know.


No. I bought them myself to build UWP apps for my windows phone, surface, windows 10, windows 10 IoT, xbox and the holo lens :slight_smile: So I needed to do some project work and an idea based on the holo lens popped into my mind and when I ran it past my professor, he loved it.


What field did you study? It’s going to be fun :slight_smile:


I am studying medicine and I really do enjoy it :slight_smile:


That’s really good. :slight_smile: Well done! Keep it up! :smiley:


Hololens would be great to study anatomy :wink:


Haha, yes it would
Perhaps it’s worth a try to get my university to give me one… Strictly for educational purposes, of course


Yes it is. I’ve been playing with it lately and developing for it as UWP apps and I absolutely love it.


Why not. It won’t hurt to ask them, of course. :wink: