Feedback/Firmware update

I have a similar issue after using it for a couple hours with my Xbox series x. Starts flickering

I also wanted to report that the monitor is also very slow at picking up changes when launching new activities on my Xbox series x. Such as opening the home menu, launching a game, opening a capture on Xbox to review.


Same thing for me on my XSX…

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Is it possible to deactivate the power delivery function in the OSD?

I don’t want to charge the device permanently, just when it needs to. Other times I’ll have a Charger and the USB-C Ports connected and want to prioritise the charging port.

Can this be achieved ?

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Do you have to do this consistently? how many times does this happen to you a day? i keep having black screens so i would have to turn off my monitor then turn it back on every time. it happens a couple time every hour or 2…