Feedback/Firmware update

I will try this method as i have the same issue.

This method worked for me!!! Thank you so much. Was getting so pissed lol because i use my pc for work.

Yeah I reported the same issue during my experience post.

same issue here as well

same. some days it takes a few seconds to detect and somedays almost a minute. Today i had to reset my pc for the monitor to detect my rtx 3070 OC. i’m using a certified hdmi 2.1 cable as well.
I read on a reddit post that the reddit user is having the same issues with hdmi detection and he has a rtx 3060ti and a different monitor brand. Eve needs a firmware update to help the Spectrum detect rtx 30 series gpus better.

I don’t think it’s nVidia specific, I have similar issues on an AMD RX 6900 XT.

Do u have 10bit&144hz via hdmi 2.1? cuz mine 6900xt give me only 10bit&120hz or 8bit&144hz. Via displayport all is fine - 10bit&144hz

I can on my 3090~hdmi2.1~10bit 144hz


Thx. Looks like the problem is in my poor cable

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I have a certified cable, and my 6900XT is 8bit with dithering at 144hz on my tester Spectrum. I reported it months ago, although that is surely what Spectrum is supposed to report as it’s not a 10bit panel.


I Tested three different hdmi cables, all three show only 8 bit at 144hz.
i’ll notify support about the problem

i just recently upgraded my motherboard and cpu to be windows 11 ready. the new hardware helped reduced the no signal delay. there is now only a few seconds delay before windows login screen pops up. the new motherboard is a z390-a and a i9-9900k cpu.

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Just wanted to write it down in this thread so others can see aswell.

As you guys probably know the GN and GP950 got a firmware update which enabled 165hz.

Because Spectrum 4K is using the same panel, i dont see a reason why this wouldnt workt on Spectrum. I already asked @ReignDespair and if i remember correctly, he said that its on their feature list although he couldnt guarantee that it will arrive.

I would like to say that I, and i assume many others, want and need this feature. I hope tue Eve-Team is already working on it, it would be a shame if the GN/P950‘a have it and not the Spectrum

It’s not on our list of features, but the team are indeed looking into if it’s possible to add this to Spectrum.

Thanks again.

I hope it will get prioritised by the team, thats so important and would also make the product look more competitive when ppl read LG 165hz and Spectrum 165hz too…

I put my order up a few days ago and it would be a huge disappointment if this feature gets left out

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AFAIK LG uses an 144Hz capable scaler OC’d to 165, spectrum uses an 120Hz capable scaler OC‘d to 144Hz.

If my memory serves me right, it was written somewhere, that OC to 165Hz was not possible.

Edit, found it:

Someone with a spectrum could try to „OC“, sooo volunteers ?

Even if this works, does Freesync still work? It’s only rated to 144Hz or ?
Maybe someone with a better understanding could answer this.

Would be nice to get some feedback from the FW Team nonetheless

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I have no clue about the scaler thing (and would appreciate if someone could elaborate) but how come that the Spectrum has a different panel (u said 120hz scaler etc.) than the LG ??? I thought the Panels were the same.

„While producing the Panel“ → Isnt the Panel produced at/by LG?? There cant be a difference, only if Eve asked for it but then again, why should Eve ask for „weaker“ firmware.

Oh man, i placed my order believing it will get patched in, this is a huge disappointment for me if true


Here are some references for what a scalar actually is.

First, this Wikipedia link which goes into verbose details: Video scaler - Wikipedia

Then there is this monitor insider link that explains it in a way that I can understand more easily: Anatomy of a Monitor

Although some of the pictures are not there, in just reading it I understand better that scalar is completely independent of the LCD Panel.

So, yes, we used the same panels as LG did. But the scalars are not the same.


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Thanks, i think i got it now.

But why did EVE decide to use a 120hz scaler knowing that the LG Monitor, the one with the same Panel, uses a 144hz scaler?

Wouldnt a OC work up to 165hz from 120hz? I have experience with CPU, GPU and Memory OC but i cant imagine what a OC does to the scaler.

Would a open source firmware allow a Oc to 165hz?

Ps: does this mean a 165hz update will not arrive?

One reason might be more flexibility of the scaler in terms of possible implementable features — e.g. ability to implement pixel-perfect (integer) scaling that Eve Spectrum supports while all other computers monitors in the world don’t (including those based on the same panel, including those by LG).