Feature request: usb hub selection per input

wait was terrible. but now i love it. Still has some minor glitches - not every option works (had to set hdmi to 2.0 and also with usbc bandwith split at 3.1 makes my macbook do 30Hz not 60Hz and it scales wrong for some reason), but i do love usbc input

so looks like i can ditch my usb KVM switch - as monitor can act as a switch itself, so i connect one computer via usb-c and the other via displayport+usb B. But it seems i have to switch each time in the menu. Any chance to remember that for usb-c input it should use usb source as usb-c and for displayport/hdmi should use USB B?

Also my USB mac keyboard is nt working directly connected to USB port on a side but via USB hub connected to USB-c on a side it work fine


If you set USB Hub Source to “Select automatically” in the menu, I believe it will use the USB-C input for the USB hub source while USB-C is the video input, and USB-B for every other input.

Of course this only works if you’re using the USB-C video input, which is sounds like you are.

The other option would be to use the presets, but those are currently bugged.

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Also try disconnecting the USB hub source cables, power cycling the Spectrum, then reconnecting. I have some issues with a USB port not working and that fixed it.

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I do agree 100% that being able to set the hub source on a per input basis would be the ideal solution!


The “Select automatically” option doesn’t work as expected at the moment. It only appears to change the selection when you re-choose it from the on-screen menu, rather than every time the video input changes.

I’ve tried turning the Spectrum off/on via the power button on the back and it doesn’t switch upstream. I haven’t tried pulling power yet, but that shouldn’t be needed for this.


That’s good to know. I was thinking of changing one of my video sources to the USB-C input so I could take advantage of the automatic USB hub switching, but I’ll hold off and hope they fix it in a firmware update.


@nkyadav are you aware of this issue? Is a fix planned for a future firmware update?


Getting the same issue, PC connected VIA display port + USB-B and macbook pro conntected via USB-C. Select automatically works for visual but not the USB Hub source.

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This issue has been brought to the fw dev team a while back, and as of my meeting with them last week, they have acknowledged that we want this feature added, but have given us no time frame as to when it will be added.

To be fair to them, this is a big ask on our part to them - because there are so many pitfalls and general considerations to take into account. But they have neither denied the ability to add the feature, nor have found a hardware limitation that would prevent the feature from being added, so that is a big step forward on getting this issue moved up in priority.


It may be a big ask but it is a feature that is even outlined in the user manual, and it’s game breaking for people who frequently switch between input devices.
Also it’s not something you need to add but rather something that needs to be fixed. The menu entry is there, the correct behaviour is described in the manual, it’s 100% a bug fix.

I myself have ordered a 4k model anyway because I don’t think there’s anything better in the market, knowing perfectly I should not expect good customer support and that you guys are doing the best you can… but I hope this gets sorted quickly as I’m not looking forward to jump through hoops the 4/5 times I switch between PC/laptop during the day.


I apologize, I did a great job of confusing myself :rofl:.

The current method not working is definitely a bug, fully confirmed by our firmware team, and it is slated to be fixed in the next fw release, v106, which is already in preliminary testing phase.

The title of this topic made me think it was the same as an actual feature enhancement where the USB Hub source input can be assigned per input - IOW, not just Type-C + Type-C and HDMI / DP + Type B, but any combination - HDMI + Type-C, or Type-C (video) + Type B. This is what I was excited about when I came out of my meeting last week and then, later, saw this topic.

That feature enhancement is still being worked on, but thus far we do not have anything blocking it, and the fe dev team has also affirmed that it can be added, so that is the one that they are currently working on that doesn’t not (yet) have a timeframe.

Again, my apologies for the confusion on my part. And stay tuned, we’re pushing for v106 to be rolled out as fast as we can.


This is what I was trying to say in the other thread. There’s a distinct difference between what the manual describes, which functionally only makes a difference if USB-C is being used as video, and what people are actually asking for and seem to think what the manual describes, which is any USB input being mixed with any video input, and user assignable. Glad it’s confirmed as being in the works.

Being someone who moves video and USB several times a day and I’ve been doing that since April last year, it’s not that big a deal as it’s an extra second or 2 to change and the biggest delay is the video signal being changed, but it is something I wish was in from the start. It’s entirely user error if they change and it corrupts something, and I don’t think Eve should have reduced functionality to account for a minority of users.

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This is great news! Getting the Spectrum to correct select between USB-C -> USB-C and HDMI/DP -> USB-B makes it a lot better to use as basic KVM.

For me, it’ll make switching between work MBP and personal gaming laptop a lot easier. I’ve already got several cable swaps to do when I swap between them. It’ll be good not to have to wait until I can bring up the OSD and then change an option.

I can definitely see a use case for selection of USB hub source per input. It would allow a keyboard and mouse to be shared between 2 PCs, or between a PC and a gaming console, where none of the devices has USB-C video capability.

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Confused as to what’s preventing 2 PCs or a PC and console sharing now.

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The current setup is supposed to be as follows:

If USB Type-C is used for Video input and USB Hub Source is set to Automatically select, then the Type-C is the Hub Source. If any other video input is used then the USB Hub Source is Type B.

If one device is Type-C (video) connected and the other is any of the other video inputs, your Hub Source changes - perfect. But if you use HDMI 1 and HDMI 2, or either HDMI and DP, the source is only Type-B - which can only connect to one of those devices. So, you lose KVM functionality immediately when connecting KB / Mouse / peripherals to the downstream ports (those on the side). - Regardless of which device is sending video signal the side ports remain connected to the one device that is connected to Type B port on the bottom.

But, if you can pick any upstream port (Type-C vs Type B on the bottom) as input regardless of where the video signal comes from, you can fix that above broken scenario - Type B upstream port connected to device 1 with video signal output to HDMI, and Type-C upstream port connected to device 2 with DP video out, KB / Mouse / peripheral in side ports, and bam! Instant KVM.

Now you can see why I got really really excited when they told me this was under consideration - it’s huge. Not only fixing what is currently not working as expected but expanding it in this way to really make it a powerful, usable feature for many use cases. I would start using this myself, as it would allow me to use my Logitech BRIO directly with whichever machine I have connected to my Spectrum, for example.

Obviously, there is still a limitation - we only have 2 upstream ports, so only sharing with 2 devices. But it’s still a lot more than we can do now.