[FAQ] V Charger Specification



Damn, that is one hell of price. Add taxes etc and it will be close to 100 dollars :o


Please contact our support :slight_smile:

I think there should have been extra heads :slight_smile:


Agreed - was same issue for me and support sent one



As ever - the Eve community nails it.


As an urgency help for those in need to use the second adapter right away:
Buy one of those small and cheap USA to Europe (or whatever country suits) adapters in order to bridge the time support needs to handle this.


I have the same problem but the support made me the following answer.

Velimir Elezovic (Eve)
Mar 4, 15:15 EET

Hello there Cedric,

Firstly, we are really happy that you finally received your awesome V and we hope that you are having a great time with it still!

Now, regarding your question, unfortunately, the Extra Power Adapter (Power Brick) does not come with anything attached to it as both the cable and the Plug Set were sold separately during the campaign. I am really sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

If I may recommend a solution, the European Plug should be easy to find in any electronic store for only a few euros, and that method is much quicker and cheaper than buying it from our store - being fully honest here :). Alternatively, you may consider to order the EU plug from Amazon/Ebay or similar for a quick delivery and again only a few euros.

I hope this helps mate,
Kind and humble regards,
Eve team and Veli.

So I’m afraid that the support this misguidance of an error made eve. Because during the purchase of this additional charger, many have asked if it came with the plug corresponding to the country of destinations and it had been said yes. Otherwise I will have bought more head.


According to Eve Support, no, the plugs are not included with the AC Adapter.


I think Peter said this was mistake and they should be included in the extra AC adapters too.


Pretty much - we’ll sort it out internally tomorrow as I’ll join the team in Finland & talk with our support people about it! :slight_smile:


I just got support again, apparently he misunderstood my original message. They will send me for my second charger a plug SET. :smile:


good news tonight I just received my plug set. So the problem was solved in just 5 days and shipped yesterday.
Good experience with the support.


OK so I had the same experience with support - which I get that a ‘set’ is a separate product, in fact I was surprised that a ‘set’ comes with the device (wastage?) but selling an extra brick without any “pick the head you’d like supplied or get a ‘set’” seems weird. Also super not clear (then again not seeing any option to say which region should have tipped me off).

Can I just confirm that the situation has now changed? If I contact support again will I get an option to buy a single adaptor head?


No. I can’t confirm anything (except that Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman), but he could have been talking about Hillary, so what do i know.

On an unrelated note, i’d send support another ticket to ask whats up. Looks like you might get a positive response. (is it possible iKirin did have sexual relations with a woman? :thinking:)


It takes 3 hours or so to fully charge the device. What is the average charging time from all the Eve users? Just curious to know if you’re willing to share this bit of information. :smile: