[FAQ] V Charger Specification



As HEB with his machine hooked up to the dock in question: HDMI works, USBs work, and I haven’t had luck with output from the DisplayPort (though this could potentially be due to what adapters I have).


If hdmi works then everything is top of the line :slight_smile:
from the display port problems I have already read in the internet that seems to be a driver problem, if I remember correctly


I have this dock and a V.
But after reading about USB-PD and Quickcharge I’m not so sure if I should try it out.


Bit late, but will this one work?


As it is a USB-C PD charger and delivers on 9V, it should work. But as it only supports 2A on 9V, you get only 18W of charging out of it instead of the 27W the V charger is able to deliver.


It should work, however we do not recommend charging the V with any other charger than the delivered or seperately purchased V charger & V charging cable.
Reason being that we can’t verify that other cables/chargers to properly implement the USB-C PD standard (or even USB-C itself) and so I have to advise to not use it with the V, as potential damages that are caused by the charger would not be covered by warranty.

If you however still want to use it with your V and it’s a good charger (which most of them nowadays are) then you should have no problems with it. :slight_smile:


@hiddenflaw -

Am I understanding your post correctly that the V will do a slow charge from 5V source? I assume it would need to be a fairly strong 2-3A source. Of course in use power draw would deduct from the available charging wattage, so it would be best to charge with the device off or suspended. But the idea of being able to “charge sustain” on 5V and/or charge my V all night from a borrowed 5V charger is a great backup/emergency plan!

patiently waiting for my first round flash sale machine to get here so I can verify this myself


So the simple conversion is that 1W = 1V x 1A. Assuming the V using around 10W (of course this is just a number I through in), 5V x 2A should be enough to sustain power. Charging the battery isn’t as simple sadly, because the the rate at which it charges can largely vary even within the same device.

Keep in mind we don’t know much about the exact power usage of the V and the charge/discharge rates of the battery, nor how the internal power supply handles these things to make an accurate assumption. But I would find it believable that 2-4A (@ 5V) is a sufficient source to charge the V while off, or even possibly keep it powered while in [light] use.


The Notebookcheck review has a pretty decent rundown on the V in standby, idle, and full load power usage.

My main question was whether the V would even accept / use only 5V to power system main bus and/or battery charging. Thanks.


I’m 99% sure it’ll charge from 5V/2A when powered off, not so sure about charging and using, we need to factor in inefficiencies and power loss. So, I won’t charge and use when I only have a 10w charger.


Where can we buy another power adapter?
I tried to go to the website but it only allows me to purchase another v.


Currently Eve isn’t offering accessories by themselves, but [at some unspecified time in the future] they will add this capability to the store.


Is there a listing of acceptable third party chargers we can use?


Eh, not necessarily as list (that I know of), just a protocol. The V (and it’s charger) uses USB-PD (Power Delivery) protocol. Eve can’t guarantee any other manufacturer implements the protocol correctly or that their charger will not damage the V.


The Mu One looks like a good form-factor for a 2nd charger. Has anyone taken a look at it?

“This sweet little device supports USB Power Delivery with a maximum voltage of 20V, yet it maintains the same 14mm thickness as its 12W predecessor, thus making it the world’s thinnest 45W USB charger. What’s more, it’s noticeably smaller and lighter than Apple’s 29W USB-C MacBook adapter.”




Personally I switched to using a Card-Tec 4 Pro - unlike the one from Andy it’s ~32mm thick, but otherwise has the same dimensions as a credit card.


Integrated plugs for international use as well as 3 USB-A ports for other devices made me chose it - USB-PD seems fine as it charges my V and my Switch fast :slight_smile:


So - just got my V yesterday (and loooving it) but the extra charger I got didn’t come with a plug head (adaptor) and I cant for the life of me find the right google search term to amazon a spare.

In other words - I’ve got two of the charging units (big bit at the top of the picture), but only one set of the adaptors (bottom half of the picture).

Any pointers - much appreciated.


TBH if i were in your situation i’d look for a cheapish adapter ( like the one in mirv’s reply from another thread ) to just use until the webshop opens

its going to be pretty hard trying to find the correct thing for the thing when we dont even know what the thing is called.


Usually called a travel adaptor


Hey I was eyeing that too, last time I checked it wasn’t on their Webshop, gonna order one asap!