[FAQ] V Charger Specification



Kirin, is there a reason why the cable was not built into the charger? I feel that if you are on the go, the constant wear and tear of plugging and unplugging will damage the port area of the charger brick.

Also, if the cable is replaceable, which brand would Eve recommend? There was a Google engineer that found most usb c cables are not made to spec and can cause fires or damage the devices.


That thing about the usb-c cables is kind of thing of the past. Of course if you order cables from aliexpress etc they might do whatever they want but known brands like aukey, anker etc produce up to spec cables.

Amazon kind of banned all the defective cables but of course not really sure how they would know. But basically stick to known accessory manufacturers and you are fine


Modularity. If the charger head breaks, you dont have to replace the whole charger.

The USB-C port is rated for 10.000 plug/unplug cycles. That means, if you had to do that 3 times a day (3 different places), it would still last you nearly 10 years. That assumes you do that 365 days a year. On the weekends. On your vacations. On new year. On Christmas. On Thanksgiving. On your birthday.

I think that would be the Eve cable :slight_smile: for obvious reason

Here’s quite a fun video


Does anyone know a USB C charger capable of PD and 45w that has foldable UK pins. The UK plug is such a nightmare for bags because it’s unseasonably bulky. I do appreciate Eve can’t endorse anything beyond their own charger for warranty reasons. But educated thoughts would be highly appreciated.

It could be a whole new USB C charging solution. Or just a different head adapter that might work with Eve’s charger?

Examples of Folding Plugs:



Hi, random question which I already know the answer too but worth the ask.

Would a 61w apple adapter work with the V or will their be a problem?


Do not show this to Pauli … :smirk:


Check the specs for that adapter and see if it offers 9V/3A. Google should give you a quick answer.

@Niloc I agree on the world needing foldable UK plugs. My god it’s unwieldy, even if it does offer the most secure connection.

Look what I found :3
even better, they shipped.
funny, i can’t find the usb-pd model on their site… something’s not right, hold your horses! :confused:
after some digging it seems that they did ship the CA4Pro model with USB-PD, but it’s not on their store now. Manufacturing issues I suppose? Eve might want to take note of this, we won’t want something like the i7 1TB not available on the store while people can find it somewhere else.


The Apple USB-C Adapter for the MacBook (Retina, 12-inch) might work,
the ones for the MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2 TB3 Ports / 13-inch, 4 TB3 Ports / 15-inch Touch Bar) should work.

That said, we cannot guarantee their function and cannot cover issues caused by their use under warranty, so as with any third-party charger: use at your own risk!


A little off topic.
But a monitor that has a usb-c connection, will it be able to charge the V?
For example, while at home I just have to plug one cable, the same for the monitor and for charging and never have to worry again


If the monitor supports this it is possible.
You can connect the V to the monitor via USB-C (Thunderbolt 3 port) and than connect keyboard and mouse to the monitor (e.g. via USB-A).


Thanks, that’s the plan


But you have to check that the monitor provides all this.
There are already some that do so. I’ve seen one but can’t remember which it was.


You could look for an USB PD charger with an IEC C7 cable.


guys, check this out:

though, I’m not sure if I’m ok with just sending them some money over Paypal. I think I’ll wait for the web store. Nevertheless, this is hopeful! @helios, want to consider teaming up with them (they have a very good charger)?


Hiya! :slight_smile:

While we appreciate your feedback, I’m not sure that it’d be worth for every customer to team up with them at this point, as it’d increase the MSRP of every V by a good amount.
However, feel free to create a topic to discuss the CA4-Pro and other USB-PD enabled chargers (and please bear in mind, that we can’t officially support third party chargers).

Also, I have to personally admit that it looks pretty cool :smiley:


More pics please! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Can I use a solar charger with 2.4A USB output in an emergency?


(I live in the USA)
I have a Surface Pro 4, I have the firm intention to purchase the V with the second flash sale :smiley: - I intend to buy now this battery pack for my surface:

Tech-Question: will it be possible to use it for the V???


Beyond and with your question: 100w seems to become a limit for flights. :hugs:


The V uses USB PD (Power Delivery) which is a different protocol than QC (Quick Charge). It said in the details that it supports both QC and PD, so it may work fine for the V. Keep in mind the Eve doesn’t guarantee the use of any charger other than the one that comes with the V.