[FAQ] Quick guide for your new V!



if you back up the profile it should be fine to just load it with CalMan?

Or if we have a way to get the icc files…


If you search around ‘a bit’ and look into the folder called you ICC you’ll find the ICC files :wink:


*** Ignore most of the below. I was wrong. The Calibration is linked to the build. I’ll tidy up what might be salvageable from it when I have time. ***

I don’t think the calibration file will be tied to your Windows License. I think it’s just in danger of getting wiped if you rebuild (with Windows or any other OS). I imagine there is a Linux version of CalMan… or, worst case, a way of using the calibration file with some CalMan-equivalent in Linux.

@iKirin - Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to respond…
My utopian vision of how Eve could protect their customers against the loss of the calibration file - because, lets face it, we all know that MOST people won’t back it up… mainly because most people won’t see the post explaining that it exists and how important it is. Of course most people probably won’t rebuild their V either but for those that do… this will be a problem…

This scheme is designed to minimise administrative overhead for those doing the calibration and other Eve staff going forward:

  1. Get someone to write a little script that grabs the Calibration file and some unique ID from the machine (MAC of the Wifi NIC or something) - something that’s easy for the user to get at and won’t be overwritten by a rebuild.
  2. Script takes copy of file and appends the Unique ID to it’s file name.
  3. Script is copied to a few USB Pen Drives and launched with an Autorun.
  4. Put one Pen Drive at each Calibration Station on the Production Line.
  5. Add instruction to the bottom of the Calibration Procedure Note to insert Pen Drive and allow Autorun to launch the script.
  6. Script completes (wouldn’t take more the 1 sec to run probably) and has copied the appropriately named calibration file to a directory on the Pen Drive.
  7. At the end of each day/week collect up the Pen Drives and copy off the calibration files.
  8. Dump them all here (or somewhere accessible from the Logged-In user section of the Eve-tech website). Don’t see why they shouldn’t all be accessible to everyone - they’re no use to anyone other than the user of the correct machine. With them, also put the installer for CalMan and instructions on how to use the two together. Add a link to this area to your FAQ’s and tell support staff about it.

You could even bribe someone in the community to knock up the Pen Drive script in exchange for a freebie (Sleeve/PSU/T-Shirt/etc.)


Very good !
Only one question: following this script will not trigger license problems with Calman ?


@iKirin @Jersey
guys I need some help with this, my impression from reading the posts above is that Calman software saves calibration to a file, and sets the screen’s colour according to that file, and tied the file to some kind of identification (windows license?) so that that file can only be used with that computer/windows.

Hence, my question of how will the calman software load the settings from said file, if the OS it is running on is linux instead of windows, since the file needs to verify that it matches a certain copy of windows before allowing the calman software to load the calibration? Or, the calman software doesn’t match the file to the OS (which will allow the file to be copied and used on other Vs, which contradicts what Konsta said)?

please enlighten me, thanks in advance


Sorry sorry sorry. This is my fault. The explanation I read (maybe an earlier post by Konsta or (worse) from someone else) didn’t mention the bit that means it can’t be used with future builds. In that case, it pretty-much negates what I said above.


maybe best to edit your post then, so if someone does a search they don’t take it as correct. :slight_smile:


Yup. You’re right. No time now to sort it properly but I’ve put a warning at the top of it for now.


I’ll be sure to follow all these suggestions when my V arrives. :us: