[FAQ] How to update driver/firmware?



Updating the drivers of the hardware on your device usually helps to improve the stability, performance, and security.

There are many options to update the driver on your device. Here we listed a few:

Windows Update

In Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update, click “Check for update”. If there is any driver update pushed through Windows Update, it will be automatically downloaded and installed.

This is the easiest and most recommended way. However, if some driver updates haven’t been push through Windows Update, you are not able to get them by this option.

Device Manager

Go to Control Panel -> Device Manager, find the hardware you want to update the driver, and right click it, choose Update driver

Take WiFi adapter as an example:

In the prompted window, select “Search automatically for updated driver software”, then Windows will automatically download and install new driver if it’s applicable.
You can also select “Browse my computer for driver software” if you downloaded the driver software locally.

Eve-tech.com Support Page

We will regularly upload some drivers to our support page (especially for those driver/firmware that needs manual update).

You can go to Support – eve-tech.com to download and install driver.

Vendor’s website

You can also go to the vendor’s official website to download and install latest published driver updates.

Vendor and model information can be found in Device Manager -> the hardware -> properties -> details

Third-party Driver Update Agency/Helper

Use a trusted search engine to find one with good reputation!

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Video Drivers from Intel

Thanks for this FAQ. But it leaves me with some additional questions:

  • Can you provide us with an indication when a method is appropriate?
  • Is Eve pushing V-specific updates through the Windows Update channel or are these “Windows Update” updates those generic ones done by the vendors?
  • Why is the download page on Eves’ website not filled with the most recent ones available at [Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)? And why are you not linking to this thread as an additional source (instead of hinting to a search engine)?


mostly valid, but i put to you that the answer to some of those questions become apparent when you take into account the openly available fact that they’re a startup with mostly young-ish people.

that in mind, your third question seems loaded - i think it would read much better phrased as a suggestion to solve a problem that you’ve identified.


I use Driver Booster free edition.


It would be much safer/wiser to use Windows Update, Device Manager, or the updates provided by Eve. Using 3rd party programs is a crap shoot and not advisable. You may well end up with a computer that does not boot.


Are there any legit driver update programs? every one i’ve looked at was basically a crapware delivery system


The best one I have found so far is Snappy Driver Installer. However, in my opinion, people should only use this kind of programs if the manufacturer (either of the PC or component) does not provide any support and you have no other way to obtain drivers from an “official” source.


I’ve NEVER seen one recommended by a computer magazine or system guru. I try to stay well informed.


so where are the latest drivers?


Go to


and click on Downloads.


so the ones from december are truly the latest? ok sorry for asking then, thought i had missed something


No worries. But it’s worthwhile checking the Downloads page now and then, if there are new drivers available.


Well, there are some beta versions of the drivers in the post of software improvements. Wickedly explains that in the comment linked below:



@mirv I found newer drivers for Graphics, Wireless and Bluetooth via the Intel Driver utility . Are we good to continue using those?

Video Drivers from Intel

Yes, I have been using the drivers from the Intel page from day one.


Yes, please continue using the newest drivers from Intel - exactly as @inffy wrote :grinning: .


the drivers on this web site … will they ever migrate to Windows Update, or are we expected to check periodically on this web site for the latest and greatest?


Eve will be pushing all updates through Windows Update, it may be (slightly) faster to get them from the website though.