[FAQ] Guide to buying a V



I agree, the fact that you can still order other configurations but m3 sold out that fast is just wrong… would be good to get a comment from someone on the team when the dust settles. I think it may be a component amount issue CPU or storage… but only speculating.


Glad you got it to work!


Yay the flash sale is going well congrats to all who are able to order a V! I’m also interested in ordering more accessories ! Also is it still possible to just order the shirts?


So the m3-version sold out rather quickly.
It’d appear that the entry level model is very very popular.

What happens if the other models don’t sell out within a reasonable time frame?
Will this have any consequences for the company and/or the orders that have been placed and accepted?


It should not have any consequences but it will give them something to learn from for the next flash sale to have the ability to have more m3s available anything unsold will be used for the next flash sale batch as the Vs aren’t currently built yet because they are still producing Limetd birds


The m3 is available again, February/March delivery


This should definitely be announced on the forum. Probably at lot of people just skipped the whole tablet because jse they couldn’t get the base model. So they bought an i5 because of this instead. :grimacing:


m3 available but now we can’t use the $50 code :frowning:


i already contacted the shop support i wanna swap to the core m3 @team is this possible?


It would be nice if they could add a promo for the m3 only, for those of us that missed out(was at the final credit card detail page when they were sold out). But it’s not the end of the world.


Guessing the margins on the m3 are too thin to have lots of discounting.


I guess price is the factor on the m3. I honestly thought the i5 128gb would have been the biggest hit.