[FAQ] Guide to buying a V



Yes, the m3 version is already sold out!


What was the limit for m3? Just interested.


??? why??? b/c of country?? I could…


european country ???


The m3 is sold out everywhere!

@laurivasala Not sure, I don’t have any numbers available unfortunately :frowning:


1??? please confirm stock is very strange ,only 40 min of e-mail of sale


Do you think Eve are likely to release numbers iKirin? It’d be interesting to get some stats from the sale and regarding how many of each SKU were ordered.


@Kepler200 As mentioned, the m3 is sold out.

@Jersey Not sure we’ll release exact breakdowns, but I think we might release the overall number of units sold later down the line.


I would like to see this also. Will eve ever have the store open all the time or only ever do flash sales?


i think it is a total hoax
version m3 no stock … i think



As mentioned the m3 is already sold out.
We were surprised by the great demand of that particular model as well.


It has been stated like three times that it is SOLD OUT already.


No some people got the m3 but the sold out in less than 6 mins. I missed out too…


We were surprised by the great demand, period!


Was there the same amount available for each configuration?? Just curious…
(As it seems to me it could SOMEWHAT be estimated by comments in the forum which configurations would have higher demands…)


the normal stock for sale is thant model(m3) sure . is 40-50% of sales and
you heve calculated very badly


when they calclulate to have stock again? of version m3


We’ll have m3 again for the next flash sale.
When we’ll have the next flash sale is still undetermined.

I also ask you to please stop spamming this thread asking about the availability of the m3, as you’ve been answered multiple times now. Thanks :slight_smile:


I don’t think they are in stock :smiley: . Because they said the LB were not made yet, I think they have the ingredients (is that the right word :roll_eyes: ) in stock…