[FAQ] Guide to buying a V



Why cant I pay via paypal thats shit!


I tried to get only Accessoires but could not finish the order due to missing delivery option. Thats a bug… Damn. .


No it was said you can’t order accessories only


so please give me a chance to pay out of credit card? why couldnt i?


What was the error? Maybe they sold out(m3 were sold out in few minutes)


Hmm understand, but how could I get additional Accessoires for my already ordered heb?


I think we need to wait to order accessories @iKirin


no there blops: (translated) sadly you can*t finish your buy at this time. please return to the dealer and choose a different paying method

want to buy m7 1tb


@Vincent_Lam @Anury Charger for most countries is included in the box! :slight_smile:

@Traumerin_Kathleen I’m forwarding this ASAP to the Store-Strike-Team!


thank you. hope I can get it at this flashsale …


I mean the power plug. There are many different types…


@zwehn @inffy We’re checking for options to sell additional accessories! However we decided to prioritise a V only flash sale first to reduce the logistics so we could provide smoother shipping.

@Vincent_Lam Yes, I know. Your V comes with a US-charger however we’re including plugs for all major countries!

Taken a few seconds ago :wink: I don’t have the other ones with me, but you get the gist :slight_smile:


Wow… good to know, thanks for quick answer…


I also want to mention that I carry around the charger only to charge my phone (OP2) which I found has a considerably lower screen-on-time than the V I’m right now using :wink:


The m3 sold out in 6 minutes… how am I supposed to get one of there is limited stock of this configuration? Espesially that limited, that’s just unfair… Are there more available of the i5 and i7? Or just not as many people purchasing? They’re are out of my budget though.


may the selling team gives the paypal like things to send the money. if i type the mail adress to the connected account the money could be send and the software can check this like a number code… could this be a solution ?


offtopic: love that design.


That is how Flash sales work. It was said that there are limited pieces of devices available. Sees the m3 version was the most bought one.


That’s why I was on straight away as I knew would sell out quick but I couldn’t even get a chance to get to the checkout before they were gone. I think there should of been more stock available (I know they are built to order) as they should of read the damand. Will eve ever have the store open all the time or only ever do flask sales? It’s 3am where I am so not gonna miss out every time there is a flash sale…


hello the version m3 is sold out???