[FAQ] Additional V Keyboard instructions



Turns out i do - just forgot where kept it!


Hey Guys. I would like to change the behavior of the F1 and F2 keys (more luminosity, less luminosity).
Right now, each time you press the key it changes the brightness by 10% (so if you press 10 times, you’ll reach 100% brightness or 0% brightness if going down).
Imagine I would like to change it so it only change the brightness by, let’s say, 2% : how could I do that?

(I want to do it because the gap of the first 10% is too high in a dark room. Yo go from “I can’t see properly” directly to “god, now I am blind” at 10%).


No idea. Not sure that’s possible. Might be a Windows thing.

Btw it might make more sense if you said screen brightness instead of luminosity. Or actually just screen luminosity. The first time I read it I kept thinking “how come your keyboard has ten lighting steps? Mine just has three.”


@reappear any insight please?


I think the 10% is a windows thing, just as Wickedly said.

Workaround: Press F1 to bring up the brightness slider in the top corner, then use your mouse to adjust it to 2%


Not a Windows thing no. It’s a configuration implemented via the keyboard.
Sometimes you can change that in the registry. Doesn’t seem to be the case here.


This might seem like I’m an absolute dunce. But where do I find the hashtag symbol? I’m set to UK keyboard setting (I should switch) but can’t find it for the life of me. Although I’m pretty sure I stumbled upon it at some point and laughed at my stupidity. But I’ve forgotten it again.


Backslash \ -> #


that’s a lie. backslash gives you tilde. ~.


well… it was a lie until I released the shift key.

should have said pipe. |


not sure if this is the right place to ask…

how can I scroll left/ right using the touchpad? seems like it can only do up/down?