[FAQ] Additional V Keyboard instructions



No, I mean all the secondary functions like screen brightness, print screen etc.

With v1.18 and Fn Lock on, the F1-12 keys become the default action and you can now use the Fn + media key such as brightness, volume, print screen etc when before, it was not possible.

In a nutshell, you can now toggle what the default action should be now with v1.18 and is now inline to how many other keyboards work.


Gotcha. I thought you meant we could change the default.

Wait, you mean fn-lock didn’t always work for you? It always did, except for F4, no?


My problem as that originally I could only have the following two options:

  • Media keys as default and F1-12 accessible via pressing Fn + key
  • F1-12 as default and no access to Media keys

Now with v1.18 beta, I can have:

  • Media keys as default and F1-12 accessible via pressing Fn + key
  • F1-12 as default and Media keys accessible via pressing Fn + key


Interesting. now I don’t know if i never had your issue or if i had it but just never encountered it.


Is there an Insert key on this keyboard?


Also, break / ctrl+break?


I’m not sure if I have an issue or not… my keyboard is attached to the V but the LED is remaining on the red colour. Is it normal?
Thanks for the help


Sorry for reviving this.
What does the F9 button with the magnifying feature do?


F9 is actually the “print screen” key. A very misleading icon - I thought it would turn the trackpad on and off!


Hi, does anybody know of any shortcuts for “missing” keys?

PgUp - Fn + Up
PgDown - Fn + Down

I’ve filled in some of the above as they come in … any others?


Fn+up/down is pageup/down



Does anyone have the download link for the keyboard firmware update? The one here: https://evet1-my.sharepoint.com/personal/xinjie_eve-tech_com/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?docid=1956cd1e70d484c41aeae9c4f0f96561c&authkey=Abt0JlMdc96RPNW0CZSh0ys&e=16tcgf doesn’t work.



Is it this? i’m not sure.

these are the contents of the zip file though.

P.S. LOL holy crap i just actually read this thread for the first time. Mucho duplication of information on this forum.


Yes, I was thinking the same while searching for a solution related to the keyboard just now :smiley:

The question is:
Is there a way to disable the trackpad while in bluetooth mode?
While the keyboard is attached this is easily configured in the Windows settings, not possible for BT.
I couldn’t find any solution so far, can anyone help with that? (maybe it’s not possible yet? If so, can this be implemented?)


Isn’t it one of the media keys? fn-f10 or something?

I always assumed that’s what that little cursor in box icon was. Never used it though.


Nope, it looks that way (mouse cursor in a rectangular box), but apparently it is the screenshot function.


Thanks for the link but that appears to be v1.17 according to the filename and it doesn’t fix the problem the latest update is supposed to address. Don’t suppose you 1.18?


I’m afraid i don’t. What problem is 1.18 supposed to fix?

i think what i was thinking at the time was that there wasn’t anything that 1.18 “fixed” that i was actually facing and since it was a beta i didn’t both with it.

edit: yeah, i remember now. i specifically didn’t download it because its beta and i was not (am still not) facing these two issues:

to clarify, both fn+1/2/3 (well, 1/2 at least) and fn + function keys works totally fine for me, and i’m pretty sure i didnt apply the 1.18 beta.


It was this issue:

If I switch the fn lock on I can no longer access the media keys. The function keys should be F1-12 by default and if I want the brightness, volume control etc. I’ll press the fn key.


Wait, are you saying that happens to you even with 1.17?