[FAQ] Additional V Keyboard instructions



Oh okay… Hm at the moment i have only a dell and its discription for the touchpad isn’t “the yellow of the egg” like we would say here… so i looking foreward to my ordered v. May there its much better


A couple things

  1. I think you should add to post the FN+arrow keys as described in the video
  2. In addition if you want to combine keystrokes like CTRL+HOME you have to hold the FN key first.
  • FN+CTRL+LEFT ARROW works while CTRL+FN+LEFT ARROW does not


I received my LB today - yay! The problem is the plus and oops key are not working. I read through this post, tried toggling Fn Esc, but that didn’t fix anything. The keys do not work in attached or bluetooth mode. When the keyboard backlight is on, pressing the plus and oops keys does not activate the backlight. Has anybody else run into this problem / have suggestions for troubleshooting?


I think you have a faulty keyboard and will need to contact support - especially if not working when attached


For the sequency of keys issue, see:


Thanks - that’s what I was afraid of.


Thanks for the find!

We will continue making improvements for the keyboard firmware, but that definitely helps right now and I will add them to the instructions soon.


When FN lock is off, FN + F key does do any of the secondary functions (eg change volume etc). Any one else have this issue?


interesting, me too.

with fn-lock on, i can use FN + F key (e.g. F5) to refresh a page, but with fn-lock off, holding fn doesnt make f keys become media keys. having this issue too.


Cross posted here: FN+Key doesn't for secondary functions on the F keys


It sounds like you have it backwards. The default action (Fn Lock off) is the “secondary function” media/brightness etc. so simply pressing the key will cause that action to happen, Fn+F key will trigger the F# action. With Fn Lock on though, the Fn key because useless and the standard/only action is the F# action.


It’s not how most other laptops work though? The Aero 15 I have here has Fn + Key to do the ‘media’ function (brightness etc) and on Mac, it allows you to toggle between the two options (Use FN + Key to perform F1, F2 etc or Brightness etc).

Ultimately I’m just checking if this is the default/desired behaviour or is there some option/firmware that can ‘fix’ this?


Over the last decade this (Media keys functionality first) has evolved to how almost all laptops work; however, most have an option in the BIOS to switch that setting. Currently the V does not have a BIOS setting for that though, technically there is nothing broken so there is nothing to fix. I prefer to have the F# keys as the default action as well, as do many others; however, that is officially a feature request and not a bug


During the keyboard production the primary function was chosen to be the media/alternative keys. You have to access F keys with Fn button combination or by using the Fn-Lock function.


Hm… That’s frustrating. Is there anyway to request as a feature request (being able to access media keys via Fn + Key when F lock is enabled) for a future keyboard firmware update as it isn’t removing any functionality from what it has currently?


S’ok buddy, i know what you’re really saying.

If you want to keep your sanity, please don’t look up the vote for if there should be an indicator lamp; i did and am still recovering from finding out why we don’t have it.

I couldn’t handle the truth.


The keyboard v1.18 beta has fixed/added this feature now. Thanks Eve! [Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)


Hold on - do you mean we’re able to set function keys as default as of 1.18? even on bluetooth?


Not tried it on bluetooth but yes, I can put Fn lock on (so F1 etc keys work normally) and I can press Fn + Volume up/Down/etc to do the ‘secondary’ action :slight_smile:


Oh - so you mean just the volume keys then? I thought you meant we could set it so that the keyboard is always on F-keys.

media function is still the default set, right?