Fábio, Portugal


Hello my name is Fábio, i am from Portugal and i have 30 years old :sweat_smile: I work as a professional Webmarketeer and i have a computer science degree. I am also a father of a beautiful daughter. I came to your page and product by searching about not that expensive alternatives to microsoft surface, and guess what i found your page. My goal was to just get something i could have to make it easier working next of my daughter so i could help more and be more present, as i work from home. I would be delighted to know more aspects about your project and maybe if i get lucky to be able to order one of your products to finally have my life easier and be more present to my family. Have a nice day i’ll be around!

Best regards,

Fábio Magalhães


Welcome to the Community! :smiley:

I am currently in Lisboa until tomorrow morning, beautiful City :slight_smile:


Hey! Portuguese here :slight_smile: welcome and if you need any help ask!


Welcome to the family!


Another portuguese here!
Any question just ask


Welcome! Looks like we have lot’s of dudes from Portugal!

I have to say that I love your pastries!


Hello! They are very good indeed did you tried them with a little bit of cinnamon on the top?
You have also to try this

It is called Francesinha!

Thank you for the stylish welcome . Love your idea and your company.


You might want to edit that post to include the image and wait until it has been properly uploaded.
That looks delicious.

And welcome to the community.


By the way if you ever need my Webmarketing skills to help reach more people and advertise EVE V just ask! I am a facebook ads expert, email specialist and social network manager. :wink: I would be glad to help!


Bem vindo Fábio! :wink:

Welcome aboard.


Oh my… Looks incredible :heart_eyes:


For everyone that is wondering whats on that :

Grilled cheese
Bay leaf
Meat bones
Mexican Piri-Piri

Have fun imagine the taste of it. :smiley:


Now you made me hungry. That sounds really good.


That’s no good food around where I live. And now you’ve made me crave for it… ;-;


And a whole lot of gravy…

However the pastéis de nata @Konstantinos showed are nothing short of pure yumminess :slight_smile:

It’s my favourite pastry to eat on a regular basis haha :smiley: