[F/X] Manual Headphone Amplifier Control: MOAR POWER


Keeping it simple.

We added an amazing headphone amplifier and DAC combo to the V.

The headphone amp has a lot of power, that’s one of its best features. We have access to none of that power. Reviews on audio through the headphone jack are average at best, partly because the V amplifier is crippled and doesn’t access to the power to actually drive high-quality headphones!

A prototype tester said once that at Windows volume 5 their earbuds were louder than most devices at ~70%! That’s what I want the option for. I want to drive large over-ear headphones at high volumes and good quality. THAT is the differentiator, that’s what we need. Yes, if you don’t pay attention you can overdrive small headphones. Small price to pay for proper power.

So, whether in a software update that directly boosts amp power or offering a tool to adjust it, it’s necessary in my opinion! Give us the choice.

Thanks all 8)

[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)

yes, love this idea. In my Eve V Control Center :wink:


Fully agree. Was one of the major 3 reasons I bought it because it was marketed as such. The other being battery life, third speakers.


none of those three is giving satisfaction right now :wink:


Not sure if this has been silently fixed by a driver update, but on the train today I was listening through my earbuds at 30% and it was LOUD. More than 50% would probably damage hearing! Obviously bigger drivers would need more power, but I would say that for a 2in1 the sound is very good (I havent experienced others but couldnt expect much more…).


I’ve read (probably in the same post as volume 5 ~ 70%) that earbuds were blown up. I can imagine the amount of people coming here to complain about their earbuds being blown up, it’s not a pretty sight.

With proper user warning that it might cause permanent damage/failure to earbuds and hearing I can see it as an optional download yeah. Some devices require more power.

[is there any noticeable quality difference in using Bluetooth on the v against other Bluetooth devices?]


All Android devices give this warning (that I’ve used) when you pump the volume above like 25% (which is pathetically low volume, especially with large headphones).

Don’t see why we can’t have that in software.


Non of the headphones I’ve used on a phone have blown up though. People are used to the hearing issue, but not to the headphones being blown up. Ironically I think that might scare of more users.

But, given proper caution, I don’t really see why not. So long it doesn’t damage the V itself.



Any update on the headphone amplifier situation, and whether Team has taken on this matter for future software updates?

It’s a major concern in my mind (and many others, considering the number of upvotes). Any news…?


I tried to ask support about this and they have nothing to say. There will be no driver coming soon. This is also very important for me. Soon i will be ready to believe that there will be no driver at all. Have you ever heard about this in any weekly update? No.


This is very disappointing if that’s the case. Currently there is no power advantage when driving any speakers.

@Team, as a note (I am aware this tags everyone…I feel it’s relevant): the headphone amplifier, by default, outputs a LOWER volume than an iPhone 7 (with adapter obviously - or any previous generation iPhone). This makes no sense to me, as I’m sure you understand. At least let us know you plan to create a tool for us to adjust, or that an update will eventually come around with a considerable power boost.