[F] Windows 8.1 drivers


This is probably the most selfish thread I have ever made, because I dont see any sane person would use Windows 8.1 on the Eve V like me, but anyway, I am requesting for the Windows 8.1 drivers for the Eve V components, particularly:

Goodix Fingerprint SPI Device ACPI\VEN_GXFP&DEV_3200
Driver versions I have tried:
• Error 31
• Error 31

Bosch Gyroscope ACPI\VEN_BOSC&DEV_1160
Driver versions I have tried:
• Parameter is incorrect

It would be great if Team or Emdoor could request the driver from the vendor.


It may be worth giving DriverPack or Snappy Driver Installer a try. I’ve had success with them in the past finding obscure drivers.


He’s becoming self aware! :joy:

I think having a greater driver compatibility all around is good if we can get it. Not only for Windows 8, but Linux and other OSs also.


I have one big question. Why does someone use windows 8.1?


It s a real question. I don’t know and I want to know


TLDR it has better tablet functionality, features that were removed with Win10.

I still prefer Win10 though.


Yeah? Ow didn’t know that. Could you give us a comparaison video maybe? I m curious about the different usecases


I found this video, but maybe I could make one for some of the issuese I experienced that isn’t covered there. The problem is I don’t have two Windows tablet to put wide by side. For a list, you can expand the spoiler towards the end of the FAQ section here Windows 8.1 for the Eve V