[F] V system control app - Eve Official



Can eve crowdfund and develop a central system control app that helps us have a single interface to control display, sound, power, drivers, RAM optimization and everything else that we need?

Between Realtek, CalMAN Client 3, Intel Graphics Settings and Windows Settings, while it functions well, it would be best if these control settings and more were all in one place.



I would be interested in a battery charge level indicator for the keyboard! This could be added into the software


That depends on whether or not the keyboard is reporting the information; somebody already tried a program that’s supposed to read battery level if it’s reported, and it found nothing for the V keyboard. I think a firmware or driver update may be required before this will work. I’ll be sure to play with it once I get my V.


I already have that in my Keyboard Utility post :smiley:

[F] Keyboard configuration Utility

If you have any more ideas about keyboard Software Features feel free to add them to my post :smiley:


I do not think that I would want to have such a Software which essentially does what some other Programms do just in one place. Since that Program would need to be updated all the time to include every small driver Update which comes from Intel or CalMan or Realtek and that would be a really hard work and time consuming for the Eve Team to keep it up to date.

Other Hardware manufacturers surpress this issue by only allowing to install driver updates supplied by themselves instead of the original (for example ATI) ones. That is a very bad practice and only cases the Hardware to outdate sooner since most if not all companies stop the Support after few years when the lifespan of the product itself could be doubled or trippled. And then you get no driver updates at all, since you are unable to install the original ones from the Component supplier…

TL;DR: I would be against a Software which is proprietary, which only duplicates and summarizes functions from other programs.