[F] Use the V Keyboards charge led to show if CAPS LOCK is ON


As the V Keyboard uses the litlle led in the right bottom to show its charging why couldnt we use the same led to show if CAPS LOCK is ON.

I think the led has multiple colors so we could have an update to the firmware for it to be on when caps lock is on.

But it would need to be figured out how it would work if the keyboard is charging at the same time. Maybe the charging indication would over rule the caps lock indication :thinking:

EDIT: @hiddenflaw had a another suggestion to make the caps locks own led blink if it’s on. Can the single led be programmed to do blinking and others just be on`?

Caps Lock indicator

great idea! i think this possible to be done right?


As far as I know that it is not possible to individually address a single key without a Keyboard PCB change… You could only change the whole Keyboards color… Like the FN-Lock Flash





Another thought would be changing the whole keyboard backlight color when CAPS Lock is enabled. This should be possible with a keyboard FW Update. But that would be a problem for all users who permanently use Capslock and not only use it on accident :sweat_smile:.

But do these people exist? A poll could tell (With CAPS I mean CAPS Lock :wink:):

  • I do only use CAPS on accident
  • I use CAPS sometimes and do not care when the color of the keyboard is different/gets activated on use.
  • I do often use CAPS and therefore do not want the backlight to change permanently when activating capslock.

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Actually, maybe we can get a refined V Keyboard with added indicators. We could try to optimize the keyboard even further since there a some minor and also some big improvements which make the experience even better!

  • Adding Indicators to the FN-Key and Capslock [and Scroll?] (Is there any other key which would need an indicator?)
  • Making the touchpad great on Bluetooth with gestures like the precision touchpad drivers. (This would maybe be possible without a HW change and only a FW change and new drivers for the whole touchpad itself in BT mode)
  • Touchpad glas? (There were some issues with the HEBs and grease)
  • Pro-Version without Oops key
  • All other Ideas you others might have?

Some words to the indicator on a refined keyboard I thought about, but I do not know if that is cheaper than making indicators like on other keyboards since it depends on PCB design and cost to change that:

Maybe it is easier to add an additional LED to the pcb underneath the keys that need to be indicated to add some more/some different light to the key when capslock is activated. A green LED for example would change the color slightly on each other color of the keyboard and would indicate the status independent from the default backlight.
This solution would not need a keycap change only a pcb change and two(/three) additional LEDs and two(/three) ports for them on the controller Chip (I do not know how crowded its pina already are)…


Making a new keyboard revision would occur lot of new charges so it would really need to be thought beforehand.

One way would be to do pre-order thing where you couldn’t cancel it afterwards and after that EVE could check if it would be viable in revenue / cost wise.


I would go for it, even after some months from recieving my V.

Since a great keyboard is really important for me!

The great thing about the V is, that you could upgrade the Keyboard independent from the device.


I do use caps lock when coding, to differentiate between code syntax and variables, my own style i got used to…

If any of the alternative changes should be implemented, it should get a Bios option to enable/disable it, or lets say set the backlight color when caps lock on, etc…

And we need to get a statement from the team if this will be handled and when - i mean there is not even a word till now in regards to the speaker problems or pen stuff (will they address it?, when?, what space for improvement is there?) And i dont count we look into it (not without giving eta) as a sufficient statement.

Further, can anyone of the HEBs confirm if the keyboard backlight when on, switches off automatically when not typing for a longer time & switching on when typing again? If not, that may be an additional mode to implement - a battery safe mode…

[F] Keyboard configuration Utility

Well they will probably first look at if this is even possible to do someway.

About the other stuff, drivers should be coming today with some new updates with them too (to sound/speakers atleast)

[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)

I would be up for an upgraded keyboard, eg with cap lock indicator

Edit: delete this —>and the characters on each key being lit up.

Proven on a review just now that the characters do light up

Hopefully not too expensive :wink:


Was that info with the drivers posted somewhere?


Thats a good idea… but i think it is near impossible to upgrade existing keyboards. Because you can’t acces the micro controler to give a update through the pogo pin connection.


kb firmware can be upgraded that is already confirmed by EVE in some posts


if we’re making a refined keyboard, RGB for individual key would be awesome and that will also let us implement “blinking on caps lock”

for the current keyboard, here’s what I gathered:
lights: on/off
1 of 7 colour
all key lights linked together
1 status indicator LED

so… working within the current constraints:
we need a firmware update to make the whole keyboard blink when caps lock is toggled


Here is some workaround software for this issue, but it would be much better if there is a workaround for the missing indicator on the keyboard firmware itself.


Would it be possible to have a little setup program where people could choose how to identify capslock is on?
ie, your choice of
1 - no indication
2 - flash kb background in (your choice of colours and intensity)
3 - use little BT led indicator.
4 - icon in tray



This would no go hand in hand with the “no bloatware”-mentality.


It would in my opinion since it would be an optional Download and not mandatory. And it does only say no bloatware preinstalled and I would not consider a settings app bloatware.

I think if you can change one setting through a configuration Software the full configuration Utility should be easily possible to make. (which would still be really small)


Agreed. But when similar topics have been discussed before, people have said that “no bloatware” means NO BLOATWARE.
Personally, I can see the usefulness in a preloaded utility, as long as it’s easy and completely removable. But the same result can be accomplished by making the software available to download and install if wanted.


I thought bloatware was only bloatware if installed from the factory? Otherwise it’s just user installed tools.

If bloatware includes user installed programs, my V is full of it now! :wink: