[F] UEFI touchscreen support

As was already discussed before (and not implemented due to financial reasons) we need UEFI touchscreen support; if it would be possible (and that’s the real feature request) even with button mapping, so you can also select items with volume rocker and power-button.

Here the poll we made not that long ago:


There will be a separate report covering having a tablet-button version of CTRL-ALT-DEL (like surface pro power-volume down)

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Don’t get what you mean, sry mate :confused:

It’s better in a new thread.
Please also explain there why we need this feature.


Will do.202020202020

I will join @Tirigon, we need UEFI drivers for the touch screen.

I am planning to dual boot my (impatientlty awaited) V on windows, linux and maybe more. I like to use the rEFInd EFI boot loader, which supports touch screen if provided the proper EFI drivers.

I currently own a Samsung ativ smart pc, which has a touch screen. The touch screen can be used in the BIOS setup which is nice, but the lack of EFI drivers for touch screen is frustrating in the bootloader.

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