[F] tool for tuning the pen like the Surface app


What does happen?

There is no way to customize the pen, we need an app similar to the Surface App

What should happen?

The IAF (initial activation force) is such that there is no way to start a line with a thin stroke. You can end with a thin stroke though, so it is possible to get a fine tapered line, but we need to be able to adjust the pressure curves so that the thinnest point starts at the IAF. Also, to customize the buttons. Heck, even adjust the paralax…

How am I supposed to change pen sensivity?
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I agree, this would be a great feature.


did you try to run the Surface app? The pen is similar to SP3 pen, the driver should be the same…


FYI: https://www.howtogeek.com/286701/how-to-configure-your-pen-and-its-buttons-on-windows-10/

Some pen settings are currently available in Windows 10’s settings app. There’s even a stronger “Ignore touch input” option that theoretically is more absolute in terms of palm rejection when using the pen.

Admittedly, this doesn’t control the IAF or pressure curves, but it’s a good thing to be aware of.


yeah, I downloaded it and it says it only will run on a surface. :frowning:


In my mind it should include the following features:
-1. ability to set different settings for different programs (Szenarios)… For example you could have different settings in Photoshop than in one note and a general setting if none is running
2. Adjustable pressure curve (ability to turn off pressure sensitivity completely if needed)
3. Button remapping
4. That’s all I can think of right away but feel free to add functionality you woul desire!


Could you elaborate which features you would like to see since I do not own a Surface device and therefore do not know what this app is able to do for me :wink:
Maybe you can make your posts a Wiki so we can add Features we want to see in this App :smiley:


I’m for ANY enhancement that would be useful for drawing or photo retouching.


Is it normal for the pen to lag behind about 1cm when move it across the screen fast?
In handwriting it has less lag, but still very inaccurate.


Basically, what @M_K said, plus:

In my dream world we manage to find a way to also implement tilt (with a tilt-compatible aftermarket pen obviously)

And even more of a dream world, barrel roll. (aka twist)

adjust for paralax.


I also tried downloading the surface app as it was the only such app I could find only to be met with a message that the app was strictly for Surface. I actually started to look into making myself such a thing, haven’t looked very deep and hard yet though, only googled sdk a little.


um… i tried to customize stylus buttons through setting, but not working… is there any software recommended to alter function of V pen?

i tried looking at ‘autohotkey’ but i find it difficult to use. any suggestion?


I recommend Clip Studio Paint to every Windows tablet owner because, among many great features, it includes both global and brush-level settings for adjusting the pen pressure curve.

For Photoshop and other applications, I recommend Lazy Nezumi Pro which, in addition to offering line stabilization, also offers pen pressure settings.


There’s a free utility called Radial Menu that offers some pen button configuration. It hasn’t been updated in a while, so I can’t say whether it still works with the latest iterations of Windows 10.


Sadly no, nth happened. I tried to link the button with snipping tool


One thing to ad:

I would love to have the option to turn of touch controls entirely, so the V would only pick up pen input (and still keyboard/mouse). This could either be done by a configurable keyboard shortcut or maybe we could map it to one of the pens buttons for convenience. Another way to do this would be to toggle it on and off in the “Pen App” maybe even on individual program basis.

This could be very handy if the palm rejection isn’t on point sometimes or in some programs.

Of course good palm rejection is mandatory, but I sometimes really only want my pen to be recognized!


Till an app is developed and released, you can just disable the touchscreen in device manager.


There is an incredibly useful way to access such a V Pen settings / programmable buttons app:

from here originally thought for iOS

Imagine we can tap the camera of the V and get on screen immediate pressure level, brush diameter, shortcut buttons programmed for chosen programms.

That´s a dream!

What do you think?

[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)

camera is always on and waiting for input. This solution will have issues with some security fanatics that cover their camera with stickers…


Perhaps, the ambient light sensors could be an alternative as they measure light, darkness, on what the camera approach is possibly based.