[F] Switch in the BIOS to *completely* cut the power off to certain components


I think it would be great to have a switch to disable, say, the camera, or the fingerprint sensor.

Here’s whats on the Microsoft Surface

I’ll admit that the main reason why I need this is because Im running Windows 8 and there is no fingerprint & gyroscope driver, but I think this feature would still benefit people in various ways.


Could be interesting as security feature, maybe also for the camera or fingerprint or maybe even SD slot :thinking: so those aluhat people don’t have to put stickers on their cameras :wink:


Recently I was at a security presentation and it was really impressive what can be done by others. One of the advises was to keep your usb-ports away from unknown devices. So sometimes I think it would be good to selective disable the usb ports for devices such as memory sticks. Maybe only to allow charging and display out and input devices (mouse). Would be such an implementation feasible?
Or is there a good other way to achieve this? Like whitelisting devices?


Really like this idea of selectively turning off components :+1: