[F] Selective Charging


I Have owned a two Dell laptops. There was a function that I liked a lot – you can set a limit for charge and discharge of the battery ( it can be override). You can work all day with charger plugged in and not to be worried about damaging the battery. I have been told that it is function of the battery pac controller ( comes with the battery). EVE does not have it.
So I have this idea, why not use the BT+ small app or script to control BT receiver+ switch ( integrated in the charger or as a dongle).
How will works
You set the the limit in the app (script), 50% to 70% ( as example), app will read the battery status and when it reach any limit will send signal via BT to the receiver and then will switch ON or OFF the charging. If a dongle has a glow LED will be a good indicator, showing if V is charging or not .

[F] Battery Health/Durability Utility

V will not charge the battery after it reaches 100% after that it will just go around. This can be seen with apps like battery at which after 100% will so AC.

So we don’t kind of need the selective charging


I agree with inffy, but nonetheless, I edited your subject with [F] (not sure if this is an [X]) and the team can assess with input from the community.