[F] Secure Boot added to the Eve V

As people may have seen, Windows 11 has just been announced by Microsoft. It brings a raft of improvements including the performance of the OS on lower-spec hardware and improved touch support.

However, Windows 11 also requires Secure Boot - which I believe the V lacks after a look through the 0.41 Beta BIOS.

I’m not sure if this could be added, but it would be a really good addition.

Hey @Telescuffle,
Thanks for the information.
I’ve passed your queries onto the team, and will get back to you when I have relevant information.


I think it would be a great idea. Don’t want to try messing with the installer to trick it to installing :slight_smile:

Just tried the Windows 11 test for compatibility.
It said the processor is not compatible, cannot upgrade to Windows 11. Disappointed!!
Did check for TPM it’s there snd “ready”.
So what is the issue with processor?

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TPM is there, but Secure Boot is not.

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Yeah, this seemed to change after I authored this post.

Microsoft are claiming anything older than 8th gen intel will not be able to run W11.

They haven’t provided details why but we can speculate that its security related based on the need for ‘Secure boot’ and TPM 2.0.

A real shame, my V is barely a year old and would really benefit from W11…

I am not sure if that’s true.
I installed the leaked Win 11 on my V a few days ago.
I had no issues installing it.


The processor is a soft floor. Shouldn’t prevent you from installing. TPM and Secure boot will be required

It’s Microsofts system requirements. The leaked build was easy to bypass the locks. However, people with below min spec hardware can test W11 as apart of the Insider Programme.

On the bright side it could change and they are now considering 7th Gen on some devices based on Insider and OEM feedback. So if Eve can add secure boot and talk to Microsoft, it is possible.

Also they dropped all this hard floor/soft floor requirements and now only show a min requirement AFAIK.

Microsoft has never been good at communication. Should of been simple to state requirements in a consistent way.

You would think so! :upside_down_face:

Any news to share? It seems like an odd omission for the V to have missed Secure Boot in 2017 - can we right this?