Possibility to boot the V over Network (PXE) - with an USB Ethernet Dongle.
This would also be very interesting for companies - because they deploy their devices via network :slight_smile:


Goood idea, but if you already need to connect a usb-ethernet adapter why not plug in an install media (USB drive)?

Ideally if it could be done using the Wifi card, the problem would really dissapear. Right now the only manufacturer that implements that is apple by kind of cheating, since the drivers and the graphical User interface are loaded from UEFI.

On PCs you can already do something similar with ETHERBOOT(from a USB drive) in one of the USB-A ports and a ethernet adapter on the other one. Ideally, if the wireless network card was one of the supported ones you could do so from the wifi card,right now only realtek and atheros cards are supported.


Because, I have to maintain plenty of USB drives and I don’t want to preserve additionally USB drives and ethernet adapters.

Basically it’s a feature of the UEFI and every new device I have seen support this.
But actual UEFI of the V is very limited so I can not activate - also if the hardware is compatible.


Perhaps a bit hard to access w/o the keyboard, but ipxe has a UEFI stub binary (ipxe.efi), which could be used (either booted or chainloaded) until native pxe arrives.


Taking a closer look, I see that native pxe is only a few bits away… I.e., the network stack and drivers are already in place via various DXE drivers and PEI modules. The only thing that keeps them from becoming active is the hidden BIOS settings (aka 899407D7-99FE-43D8-9A21-79EC328CAC21:Setup Section image), which you can patiently tune to your liking, with the decoded Internal Forms Representation (IFR for short) of that section and the patched grub uefi stub that can “setup_var” s’ .

[F] Undervolting in BIOS/UEFI

Great knowledge!
Could you help the non-techie part of the forum understanding how they get all this working for them?


I’ve been toying around with Grub2 on a few intel tablets running android/winXP to see If they could be repurpoused with a linux distro if they are inside the corporate wifi. You might be interested in reading this: http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/GRUB_PXE_network_boot:

In my case it works with the 3160s but not with the 3945ABG ones. (kernel module iwlwifi) I don’t know how the V wifi chip will handle it. I will test once I have mine. XD