[F] Keyboard configuration Utility



It would be great to have a small Windows App to configure things on the Keyboard itself through Software.

Some Examples Features:

  • Keyboard Backlight settings
    • Connect Backlight to Screen Brightness
    • Backlight Timeout (Similar Topic: V Keyboard Backlight Auto-Off Disable?)
      • On Bluetooth
      • Connected to the V
      • Connected to the V and charging
    • Configure the Brightness Levels the Keyboard switch toggles
    • Choose Backlight Color from List
    • Automagically adjust keyboard backlight colour in dependence of the taskbar colour (I wanted to make it an own topic, but it’s really not important enough even though I’d love it)
    • FN-Lock indicator color (change keyboard color when FN-lock enabled) (should include off) [F] Use the V Keyboards charge led to show if CAPS LOCK is ON
  • Touchpad disable function or Touchpad Timeout after Keypress in Seconds
  • FN-Lock Toggle: Would be great to see the status of it and configure it via Software in addition to the Key combination
  • Ctrl-Lock Toggle: Like FN-Lock Toggle as described here: [F] Add a Ctrl-Lock & Right Hand Control
  • Battery life left for the keyboard

Feel free to add Features you might want to see in that list! This is a Wiki-Post!

[F] V system control app - Eve Official
[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)
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Community developed V software/firmware First Steps

it is great idea to merge with my Eve V Center Project :wink:


Since there are no LED ms for caps lock and fn lock, it would be great to have optional notification tray icons for both to tell the current status. So that is always visible, not only when looking on the app settings.


I would like to have that optional though^^
But feel free to add that to my Post :smiley:


Displaying battery life left for the keyboard would be great! What’s the current method of displaying battery level?


Yes, sure, should be optional. Best implementation would be if a user could switch each notification icon on/off separately.


The small LED at the right bottom. It would be cool, if it’s possible to light all key-rows for 100% and then light less rows, when it’s emptier. I’m not sure, if there are enough rows of LEDs though.


we had talked about making the backlight flash yellow 3 times when you activate the lock. Is this possible?

Or can the little BT light be colours other than blue or green? could it be yellow?


It seems there already is a Software which does this at least for Caps lock
Maybe it also works for FN, but I doubt it… Since FN is somehow proprietary…


I really like this idea of such an app.

i also thought that it would be nice to see the batterylife thorugh the backlights.


Got it, and it works ok!