[F] Improve the 'performance' mode in the BIOS


Since we already have a ‘performance’ mode, why not improve on it a bit :wink:

Right now it brings no noticeable performance boost, but if we were to e.g. increase the TDP in performance mode to 10W we’d have more sustained performance on the V - albeit with a bit more temperature on the housing, but I think that’s acceptable :wink:

[F] Undervolting in BIOS/UEFI

Didn’t you say that the 7W is the max that you can cover for warranty. If you enable that settings you would need to have a warning that this will affect the warranty of the device


Well Eve would have to figure a way for that - but if there’s no interest there’d be no reason to check about how it would be potentially covered.

That idea is just an idea from me as a HEB and not as Community Manager :slight_smile:


The question is, is 10W enough to start throttling the CPU due to rise in temperatures with ambient cooling solution?


Nope. In my testing with an i5 that particular i5 was bottlenecked at ~13W due to core temperatures, but to play it safe I’ve suggested 10W :slight_smile:

Also performance mode already increases the maximum housing temperature limit by 4° if I recall :wink:


please… make this happen,… so , the i7 that we chose are more worthy :blush:


I think you should have another hat to wear when you make such comments NOT AS a CM.

It is misleading to see you say such things which are experimental and could possibly jeopardise peoples warranties, should they have a subsequent problem following your suggestions.


I agree that it’d be nice… lemme whip something up.

EDIT: Thank you for the suggestion, I think now it should be more clear, that I wrote that as HEB and not CM :smiley:


A name change as well, would be appropriate so as not to confuse.


Does anyone know what does the “performance” mode in BIOS is meant to do? I also tried it and didn’t notice any difference.

Mass performance benchmark

at the moment it doesn’t really do anything :slight_smile:

Mass performance benchmark

that i5 had 2 heatspreader not like the V now