> [F] Fan sound to hear if the V is really working


Some might have a problem with not hearing if the V is working. We could implement a horrible fan sound according to the workload the V is pushing…

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[B] Buzzing noise from power connector when CPU is under load
Before you unbox!

Definitely, a high pitched whirring sound that makes your ears bleed!


Are jokes toxic now?


OK. I’ve removed my comment. But I’d prefer the team to focus on real issues. :slight_smile:


Just don’t vote. Somebody in another thread meant that this could be a problem of the V that you can’t hear it working…


This is for sure not possible because of bad sound quality…

Sorry, could not resist


That was great! LOL so much


Too bad, it’s not my problem if some of the members here have lost their sense of humour.

I haven’t, lost mine, so here goes

I vote that a program be made to have the V make the noise of a Formula 1 car racing down the straight when the CPU is at full speed.

Or maybe a light sabre sound from Star Wars would be interesting.

Speaker quality for these sounds would not be an issue.

Lighten up guys, it’s just a computer at the end of the day, not the end of life.
(Unless of course Kim Jong Un starts shooting)


I would like this comment more than one time. You were on my list of guys to complain about the sense of this topic… THX


I am sitting back these days quietly laughing at some of the reactions and watching some of the subjects being raised.

I will probably make my comments in due course.

Better to let the steam blow off first.


whirring whinning


In all seriousness, I finally can tell by looking at the screen - I mean when its still black :joy:

Alright, I know this doesn’t work when I have the keyboard attached and closed…


Actually, this could be useful for some purposes. Analytical stuff mostly, but still. Well… with different noise options of course :smile:


Didn’t the old Internet Explorer versions include fake whirring and clicking through the speakers to reassure users that the page was still downloading? I for one miss this feature! If a purely solid-state machine with no moving parts didn’t make noise when copying data into its RAM, it might as well be off :stuck_out_tongue:


You are all running in the wrong direction folks: one cannot complain about the horrrrrible speakerrrrrs and in the same time propose to use them.

Make the V vibrate as an telephone.
This gives better orthography (Vv looks beautiful) and will give a free fingertip massage when using the keyboard.


make the vibration strong enough and you can massage more than your fingertips.
calling @ Team to release a software patch ASAP!


But the old V8 F1 engine version, pretty please, not the turbo ones. You don’t even need ear protection anymore…


We might need new accessories for hearing protection in the store if this is implemented :slight_smile:


@hummusw, @dibadibadu

Great Idea!

We will have the following various versions. V6, V8, V10, V12 & V16.

We will soon be selling Once In A Life Time Ear protection as an officially authorised special edition V accessory. (Soon to be announced at the next Flash sale and subject to official Eve authorisation).

This Collector Only option will be a unique release Limited Edition and will come hand inscribed (By our own talented primary school age children) with your very own Family Crest and individual Personal ID Member Number and Birthdate.

Of course we will be making absolutely sure you that you receive your rare collectors version Ear Protection as fast as humanly possible by entrusting the safe delivery of this masterpiece into the highly experienced and trusting hands of the World Famous 4PX Logistics Group.

Please also bear in mind that your unique masterpiece will come fully inclusive of all EU and world duties, VAT and taxes along with a certified copy of all VAT payment. (Provided to you in digital, ancient parchment paper and photographic forms)
This official certification will ensure that of you will not have any nasty problems when travelling and going through customs in Monaco and Gambia. You will probably be arrested if you try to cross any other territorial borders, so it is best that you leave your rare goodies at home under the bed,


Good friend, are you an undercover Idiegogo agent ?
Pleas confess :policewoman: