[F] exFAT USB Boot Support


Please add exFAT Support for USB Boot into BIOS.
I was trying to install Windows, but V didnt seem to like the USB Stick beeing formatted as exFAT.

Finally had to reformat and create installer for it as FAT32


FAT32 sticks are used for windows installation because it’s content will not be altered during the process.
Does that apply to exFAT also?


I always used exFAT because sometimes the install.wim file is bigger than FAT32 filesystem allows. So it is easier to just download the iso and copy it over to exFAT and copy over the bootmgfw.efi from your current windows setup and rename it onto the USB drive to BOOTX64.efi

But V doesnt seem to recognize it.


Eh, that’s not necessarily true. FAT32 is just a universal standard, so it is commonly used for most installers. You can also make a NTFS Windows installer, but some computers can’t boot to that without a boot manager to interpret the file system. exFAT also isn’t as universal at FAT32, but it’ still very commonly support and much better than FAT32.

By the sounds of it the V’s UEFI doesn’t support exFAT, which could possibly be fixed by an update but I’m not sure if this will ever actually be implemented. You may be able to find some boot manager or grub that will allow you to boot to exFAT, though I’m not sure.