[F] Eve V Update Center (bloatware)


I have a dream (bad one) about beautiful minimalist program that will be center of our Vs. I know that probably most of you hate to have bloatware. My dreamed soft should have:

  • bugs tracking and option to send an opinion to fix or update sth
  • update center of V, not like MS Updates. I like updates very much and I like to know what it is updating at the moment. Notification: “there is one update for your V!”. And description: “In this update we going to fix headphone mini-jack output power. Speakers also will sound much better, as they should be from the beginning.” Stuff like that.
  • maybe some other option dedicated to V like power manager etc.

What do you think?

[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)
Community developed V software/firmware First Steps

I think your Idea is quite good and I would like a tiny tool to update, maintain and install EVE V Software too (Maybe it only starts when on power and only once a week to save us from the bloatware hell).

This point is, in my opinion, better in the community like it is now than in an own app, since it only needs a website and not a running background program. You will get notifications via E-Mail anyways on your stuff.


with that kind of soft I can be sure that I have f.e. proper drivers for audio. Also there could be an option to control audio, like EQ build-in this soft, power on output etc. I believe most of us have believed that V will be like Axon 7 on smartphones market so dedicated options for audio should be there.


You want a combination of Windows Feedback hub and Windows Update?

I’d rather have all driver updates to go via actual Windows Update if possible, and the forums for feedback. MAYBE a minimalist tool for some other software tweaks, but even then that’d require a whole architecture that I’m not sure the V team has the people to make/maintain.


yes, but Windows Update updates in background. For me it is important to know what has been updated in clear notice. This is my dream. We do not all have to dream about the same dream :smiley:

[F] V system control app - Eve Official

I would support this if it would be Optional, as in just add an Option to download it from this website or a Usb that comes with the laptop, not something pre-installed.

I would definatly love having a power manager tho.


I had the idea of creating a Windows 10 app for easily accessing the community, drivers, etc… but nobody was interested a year ago :wink:


Something like the Fujitsu deskupdater. It’s small works and isn’t annoying


Good ideas guys. I support the driver overview in an optional tool to know what this update does and if I want to install it later.
I knew it from my Lenovo T440 office and it was good there.


I would say this has almost become a requirement regarding the new sub category “Software Improvements” with feature requests.
Something lightweight with simple overview of what is installed and what has an available update. Like the App Store or Play Store has on their apps.