[F] coreboot bios


Maybe it’s a bad idea but I would like to hear @iKirin about it. If you have any contact at all with @Xinjie soon, would you mind asking him if maybe a coreboot firmware would be possible?

You can contact them easily on their webpage . They are really helping people. Maybe their firmware is not in nayway compatible with our hardware but maybe it is, I’m not sure what the status of their development but it could be a great victory to privacy and open-source.


Short story: No(t yet).

Longer story: We’re still focusing on the V & looking to improve things left & right - because of this I don’t want us to tackle something in addition to the improvements we’re working on.

Also, as a sidenote, I’m unsure we CAN even provide coreboot, because if I recall correctly there were some issues with Coreboot and the Intel ME.


check out libre boot, if i remember correctly it provides similar features.


Yeah I didn’t check libre boot just yet.

And why was I mentioning coreboot ? Because purism ( which is such a joke just for the note aside), have succeeded into providing coreboot for their last platform i7-6500U which is also with ME.
Of course it s a previous gen so it could not work. But I wanted to launch the idea.

And of course @iKirin totally understandable. Make a post it of it if you can.