[F] Buttons combo actions

At the moment, pressing any buttons combination such as VolUp+VolDown, Power+VolUp and Power+VolDown dont really do anything. Meanwhile, as a tablet with detachable keyboard, the V should have all functions available to the user when a keyboard is not attached.

Here’s my suggestion


  • VolUp and VolDown can be used as either up/down or left/right
  • Press both to switch the context between up/down and left/right

Everywhere else:

  • VolUp+VolDown - Simulates F20 (single click on Surface Pen purple button, opens OneNote)
  • Long-press on both VolUp+VolDown - Simulates F19 (double click on Surface Pen purple button, opens OneNote acid layer)
  • Power + VolUp - Display off (but system still on)
  • Power + VolDown - Simulates Ctrl+Alt+Del menu

Actually, can we just make the button combos customizable?

Btw, in current configuration, long press on VolUp+VolDown simulates Ctrl+Alt+Del, and after the menu opens, the Ctrl+Alt doesn’t unstick, so its a bug too I guess.

The surface actually uses the volume down/power combo to perform a hard restart when held. At times I’ve found this very useful and wouldn’t mind seeing the V implement this.