[F] Brightness Steps Should Include OFF State

What does happen?
Right now you can only change display brightness (not toggling screen on/off) with brightness keys on keyboard . Also there is no dedicated key to toggle screen on and off with keyboard.

What should happen?
I really like that in MacBooks you can decrease screen brightness, and below lowest brightness, the screen switches off (but device stays on). This is a really nice thing for watching movies on external devices, or let the V download things that take longer (and save battery)…
So maybe it is possible to tell screen controller that screen has one more brightness step than now (which then includes OFF)…?

Agreed. We should make this happen.


So I think you should vote for this then ? :slight_smile:

Windows had a brightness slider in the display settings to change the screen brightness. You can also change the brighrness in the power settings and using the notification bar. So there are a number of ways to change the brightness without using the keyboard.

There are also a number of ways in Windows to turn the screen off:

The issue is not about changing brightness… I know how to change it but thanks :slight_smile:

It’s just that it is very convienient to to switch the screen off without locking the device or putting it into standby by reducing brightness to 0!
Just like it works on the Mac. So it would be cool if the firmware of the display could receive an update so that there is one more brightness step which is 0% backlight…

I like to have my power button after all to put the device into standby and lock it… So there is quite a difference between these both :slight_smile:

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If that’s the case, perhaps you could reword the issue in your original post just to make it clear?


This is an excellent idea, and if it’s possible we should definitely implement it. Anything to make the V more of a marathon runner is something that should be encouraged.


Music playback is another use case I can think of where the screen doesn’t need to be on, but the system (obviously) still needs to be running.

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Oooh, I don’t think I saw this at the time - do want, if at all possible.