[F] Boot from MicroSD Slot



What does happen?

As stated in this Thread it should be possible to boot from MicroSD.

I tried it today, since I wanted to restore a Backup to my internal V SSD, but it was not possible to boot from the rescue Drive I created on an 8GB MicroSD Card using the built-in MicroSD Slot. Actually there was no Option to boot from the SD Card Reader in the UEFI.

I am pretty confident the SD Card was not the problem since it was possible to boot from it using my Aukey CB-C55.

What should happen?

The MicroSD Slot should be choosable in the UEFI to be able to boot from it.

How can we reproduce this issue?

Create a bootable MicroSD Card and try to boot from it with the Slot below the Kickstand. Try to boot from it using a USB Adapter to verify it is not the SD Card.

Full Description of what I did

I used Paragon Partition Manager 15 with this fix to be able to create a WinPE Boot Media.
Furthermore, I added all the Drivers needed for the SSD and the Network Adapter (from the Aukey Adapter) and the Devices which the two Devices are connected to in Device Manager. (But I do not know if this step is necessary!)


DVT1 was an early stage prototype (in fact, my keen batman skills tell me it might even be prototype no.1).

That comment by pauly has no bearing on what functionality the final device does or does not have.

That said, I can confirm that there is no option to boot from sdcard in BIOS on my V.


I know, actually I was here when they were tested. :wink:

But it should be possible to Boot from the SD Card, especially if the Prototypes could do that, the V should be able to do so either.


Gotcha - what I meant was I don’t think this necessarily is a bug that needs to be fixed (an [F] issue) and probably would not get much votes.

But I agree being able to boot from sd would be useful.

Edit: wait, [F] might be feature - in which case I’m too lazy to check and might be senile so nevermind lol.


Yes F is for Feature :wink:

And I am not here for Votes, I just wanted to say, that with the next new BIOS it would be great to readd that Feature, since it was there at some stage ^^


I just found your Post @tmaone. Were you able to boot from a MicroSD card? What did you choose in the UEFI to do that?


I approve this message !


You can upvote this Feature if you like in the upper left corner (If you have a vote left) :slight_smile:


I just found out that the Vs EFI can indeed boot from the MicroSD with a different Bootloader.
I wrote a short Guide for that.

But the SD Card Reader should get an Option in the BIOS to make it possible to just boot from it without altering the Windows Bootmanager.