[F] Battery Health/Durability Utility

Would it be possible to incorporate a battery Health Utility to increase battery durability? Please see the following article for an idea of why this is important.

To summarize the article, since the V is prone to running at warmer temperatures due to the fanless design, the battery’s capacity can be reduced more quickly when it is kept at 100% charge for long periods of time. An example of this would be an extended gaming session, photo or video render process, or other high performance tasks, where the V is kept plugged in/docked for battery life reasons. Research also shows that simply reducing the cell voltage by 0.07-0.10 volts can double the amount of charge cycles achieved before the battery is worn out, while only decreasing battery capacity to around 85% of original.

I realize it’s not a concern for everyone, but personally there are days where I am bidding projects and moving from my desk to other areas to take a break from work and I unplug the device for brief periods of time or leave the device plugged in the whole time. In that particular use case, I would be able to extend my battery’s total durability by only charging it to 85% or so, since it wouldn’t affect the usability of the device being away from the charger for such short periods of time.

This technology is used by prominent computer manufacturers such as Dell to increase the battery durability of their devices for users that fit the above criteria, so needless to say it is not just some gimmick. Even my wife’s 5 year old Dell laptop has this feature, so it is far from being cutting edge.

Create a simple utility that can work with the V’s firmware to enable a long-life charging feature wherein the battery charges to around 85-90% capacity, and/or a feature that will enable the device to not charge the battery when plugged in until the charge level has dropped to some level i.e. 80% or so, for those who charge their devices often, to avoid spending too much time with the battery charging around the 100% level, which is the area that causes the most wear to batteries.

Optional: Create an easy to use shortcut, possibly for the taskbar or Action Center, that will enable the user to rapidly toggle between full charging mode and long-life charging mode for those cases where the user will be out of the office and needs full capacity.

Since battery life is one of the main selling points of the device, and for many people equates to longer lasting batteries since there will be less charge cycles due to the higher capacity, I feel that we should capitalize on this selling point and offer an option to increase the battery durability even further. I feel that it would also position this device as a durable commercial-quality device along with other computer manufacturers that are building devices for the long haul and not just a brief 2 year use period.

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As indicated in the above thread, it has been raised with V before:

The answer was that the V battery does not have the technology to support intelligent charging.

The only thing I can say is that I’ve had the V for 2 months and the battery wear is still 0%.

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I would really love to have this feature as I’d say it is essential for having a long-lasting battery. I think the same concept is applied on electric cars like Tesla in which you can set the a specific percentage to be for normal use and the travel mode for 100%

I would strongly recommend to support this idea @Team !

Phil, I am not talking about the battery I am talking about adon to the charger ( or new charger) cabable to be controled by battery app via bluetooth.