[F] Battery Charging Status while V is switched off


The cable only comes on when it’s plugged into the V and charging :money_mouth_face:


Fantastic @Still_Waters_43.
Please, share a few photos of the cable in action, if you are able.

Thank you in advance.


It’s only available in white colour, isn’t it? That’s what I find on moshi’s hp. Or did you find a black one?


Awesome! Pricy, but awesome :wink:


@Ollie_VaBanque Yep, white seems to be the only color provided.

@stph Here’s a link to the product Moshi

@Frederic_Naud Pricey yes and for sure :thinking:


Seems they have discontinued the product.


@inffy Wow! yes it does, I just got mine from Amazon. There were some bad reviews on there, hope mine holds up, at least until other cheaper options come along.


Thanks, I had published that link earlier in the eve community.

The curiosity was to see how well the cable works with V.


Hi @M_K
Just wondering if this (Ampere) LED cable worked with your V and V charger?



Sadly I can’t tell yet :wink: got the cable, but I’m still waiting for my V :wink: will Update once I have both!


I got the cable, actually 2 of them, and oddly only one side of the cable light up on both of them. Doesn’t always come on and stay on. I discovered when a few times it would come on and blink green (i guess to indicate power) then blink orange and turn off. At first it used to do that and start charging with the orange light dimming in and out slowly. Today it did that and went completely out… Then later I looked at it and noticed it was dimming in in out like it should.

Will report back…


any chance this indicator can be done via firmware?


It seems that it was discontinued as a new one made it’s appearance.

From the picture it maybe look more solid, maybe that’s why they replaced that product.
And from what I saw over the Internet, I didn’t see any other usb-c usb-c cable doing the same thing available.
No reviews on Amazon yet.


Initially I was very happy with the Moshi cable, lately though it has been giving me problems. Specifically, it is increasingly difficult to get the charging (i.e. light) to stay on, and even when it stays on, sometimes when I get back to it later it’s stopped charging :disappointed_relieved: Also, I now have this issue with both USB-C and Thunderbolt connections.

BTW weren’t we supposed to get a new cable to help with this issue?


No idea about new cables (as we have no news about anything I guess xD).

But if the new Moshi cable is more sturdy (just an assumption based on its look), maybe the next buyers won’t have the problems you are encountering now (old reviews on amazon seems to indicate you are not the only one suffering these issues).