[F] Battery Charging Status while V is switched off


So to clarify my earlier post, the exposed, metal portion of the Eve supplied USB cable is slightly shorter (approx. 0.3mm) than other cables I’ve looked at (Samsung & GoPro to name a couple). In addition, the back bevel of the V case prevents full insertion of the cable by another 1.3mm. The result is that if there is a gap (as little as 0.3mm) between the plastic shoulder of the Eve USB plug and the side of the V case, then the connection fails. Only if Eve cable is pushed in far enough to be pushed out of parallel to the receptacle (away from the plane of the screen), can a reliable connection be made. The better solution is to select cables that do have a longer plugs. I am also now using an SIIG, USB-C Power Meter, to monitor real time voltage and current being drawn by the V (and it has a longer plug too).

One of the early reviewers commented on the beveled case surrounding the USB ports, and it’s potential to prevent adequate cable contact. With my three Vs, this has proven to be the case. Moreover, this explains why Vs have not been charging, regardless whether they are powered off, powered up, or sleeping/hibernating.


Scotch tape would obscure the brightness but still leave the light visible, and it’s also cleaner when you take it off.

Completely agree here.


this is like being1.3" shorter… o_o
may I ask if you had any luck with filing away the plastic portion of the plug?


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he just really wishes the V had a charging light.



Well I was curious about the LED charging cables too. I wasn’t able to find a USB-C to USB-C cable so I bought a USB-C to USB-A cable and also a USB-A to USB-C adapter.

This cable plus adapter charges my phone with no issues but when I plug them into the V and its charger it doesn’t charge it, or even light the LED up.

So, the question I have is, does the cable itself have to be USB-PD compatible?.




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The V cable sure looks like a generic cable though, if it’s functionally different I would expect it to be identified as such (e.g. like the BLUE USB being v3.0)


LOL, I bet you’re about my age, that’s very analog thinking:

“ok I need USB-C to USB-C, I’ve got USB-C to USB-A male here. So… female USB-A to USB-C and WAHEY!”

…the worst part is when you have to explain the whole thing but you know even you were kinda skeptical in the first place!


That is unfortunately not up to us with the USB C specifications - per specification a USB-C to C cable should always be able to handle up to 60W through USB-PD which we use to charge the V. This should partially be due to the 56k Ohm resistor in every end of the cable.

@Imagineer that’s very interesting information - thank you for providing it :slight_smile:


Can the V cable be replaced with a standard off the shelf USB-C to USB-C or not, is the question?


Of course it can. But make sure it’s USB-C compliant or it could break your charger or even the V


Ok but when you say “USB-C compliant” how do I confirm this?


Bensen Leung. Google employee. He checks em all. Google him.


Actually I do follow him on Amazon. As per this thread I’ve been looking for a USB-C to USB-C cable with LED and unfortunately he hasn’t tested one yet. I did find a Moshi cable (which Leung has NOT tested) and I was trying to determine if it would work before I bought it (it’s $34 yikes!). Anyway, I took the plunge and bought it, so I’ll post the results when I get it.


Lucky you, it’s 68$CAD on Amazon Canada!!!
I’m curious if you can report on the following when you get it: does the LED light up when the cable is plugged in the charger or does it only light up when it’s actively charging the V (current flowing).



Double yikes$$CAD

I’ll post what I find on the LED, hope it’s worth it, or else it’s going back to Amazon:-)


Since the USB C charging cables are kind of expensive, this could be used between the cable and the V, with the added benefit of being usable with any cable :slight_smile:


PS: I know it’s one more thing to carry but that’s would fit easily in anything they come up with in Project B :wink: Also, for some reason the forum shows 36$ in the preview while it’s actually 24$ on Amazon


Looks interesting yes.

Although, after reading the reviews the manufacturer does not recommend using with Thunderbolt devices (so if it’s in the V’s Tunderbolt port?..).


This one might be better then!



Ok success finally!, I now always know if my V is charging or not. Today I got my Moshi USB-c to USB-C LED cable and it works like a charm.

When you plug the into the charger and the V, the LED in the plug (in the V) turns orange while it’s charging and then when it’s fully charged it turns green. :heart_eyes: