[F] Battery Charging Status while V is switched off


I’d like too see that feature, too :slight_smile:
But I would not rate it urgent as there are more important fixes atm.


I like this idea. But more precise battery percentage , of course. Many many devices use this idea. And using volume instead of power button will change to zero all fears about sleep mode etc


would be great guys!!!


yes I would like to have this feature


Here’s another positive vote to this idea. I would like to have this kind of feature, too, and V should be equipped with it, just like the other PC, cellular, or any instruments with battery has.
It is nice again that the indicator appears only when the volume button is pressed. This will not disturb your sleep. Since USB-C is not always nicely connected (as posted in the other topic), the V users may like to confirm that V is on charging with relative amount. The color can be different between on-charging and off-charging, or thunder mark :zap: can tell us V is on charging.


Just a repost from this thread: Let's talk about the V, and the one year delay, but this might be a neat solution for some of you :wink:

not happy about the lack of charging leds. @benej98

I get that, but there might be a little workaround “patch” (at least for me) anyways :wink:

I just did a quick search on charging cables with an integrated charging indicator light (there is a bunch out there) and personally ordered this one: https://www.weareampere.com/products/usb-type-c-to-usb-type-c-led-cable

Because it’s on sale right now and I do think that it will look pretty sweet paired up with my V. :heart_eyes: I don’t know if this works for you too, but as long as the product does what it claims it will be a pretty neat solution for me with no real compromise I guess.

And in the long run maybe the Eve Team could consider offering similar cables in their shop.


Thanks for sharing this cable idea, sadly it sold out fast.

Hope you got one?!

I see the characheristics and they seem a bit too specific, maybe not that compatible with the V?


  • USB Type C to USB Type C (2.0) Cable

  • Reversible USB-C connectors

  • 2m / 6ft Length

  • USB-IF Certified Compatible with V?

  • USB 2.0 (3A - 10W) - Data transfer 480Mbps Compatible with V?

  • LED charging indicator light

  • Braided Tangle Free Cord

  • Aluminium Plugs with Mirror Graphics


You are welcome! Yep I was able to order one and will test it out once I have both the cable and the V around which will probably be in around a month or so depending on V Delivery :wink:

I will then do a post here in the forum how they work together!

But for now I would also like to know if there are any compatibility issues with this cable and the V. I don’t think so, but if someone knows feel free to enlighten me. :blush::+1:t3:


Searched a bit more regarding these cables and found another one, called Moshi.
Has the LED green/ orange, similar to the good old Macbook Pro charger cables LEDs.


  • Charge and power your USB-C device with any USB-C power adapter.
  • Integrated Smart LED charging indicators.
  • Aluminum housings and reinforced stress relief points.
  • Supports up to 60 W power output and USB 2 data transfer speeds.


Here is a review I found on Youtube.

Seems a bit pricey at around +$30

And here is the Ampere cable as a visual reference.

Questions to be answered is if that cable is able to deliver +60W of power to the V?

Seems sold out for now.


I would like to know if a cable like that would work with our power supplies, as is.


This one’s also pretty neat! Still I personally prefer the Ampere one for being black, which fits better with the V in my opinion :wink:

Yeah it’s sold out since those cables were on sale (I barely managed to get one I guess)

Don’t trust me blindly, but I believe I’ve read something about the V having similar specs regarding battery and charging as the MacBook does :sweat_smile: if that’s in deed the case it should work I guess. But maybe someone with better knowledge can help us out here?

As stated above I will test the cable with the V once I have both!


I (with limited knowledge) don’t see why it shouldn’t. Our power supply outputs to USB c. And since the cable is meant to be for charging I’m guessing it won’t cause any issues. I think the important thing is to use the V charger (to have a safe and reliable charging experience) which we do, we only exchange the cable.


Please note that the following link is for information purposes only.

It tells about the possibilities and limitations of showing charging status on Windows 10 devices. Seems pretty comprehensive presentation of the matter.

There are no straight answers, as I don’t know how all this applies to the V with its hardware and software.


Thanks for the links, I have ordered the cables from Ampere (they are back in stock) last week and I received them yesterday.
Now I am waiting for the V to test them :smiley:


Those cables are described as usb C type 2.0 what seems to limit the maximum amount of Watts going through.


I’m not sure if that cable has a led but my other ASAP cables do. This might be an interesting addition to the V, I know my OnePlus 5 is great with the magnetic cable!


Got confirmation there’s no led, sorry for any potential confusion


Thanks for mentioning this cable. I was researching some months ago about the magnetic USB C cables for charging devices. Looked at the Amazon reviews and was shocked that on almost all brands that sell these type of cables people were getting “burned” usb c ports on their macbook pro’s or other devices after 1-2 months usage.

If someone can mention success stories of charging laptops and macbook pro’s with these cables I`d be glad to hear. Otherwise, I wouldn´t try them for now.


That’s quite interesting, thanks for sharing. I’ve been using the asap xconnect on my cellphone for about a year with no issue but it at a much lower current. I will think twice about using this on the V then!


I fully understand the issue of too bright lights at night. But I’ve now purchased three wireless phone chargers (multiple phones), each was advertised to have a dim status light that would not be bothersome at night. In fact, I find that ALL of them are extremely annoying. (Black electrician’s tape is the temporary answer, building one myself is the long-term solution.)

But the importance of a charging status indicator is underscored by my experience yesterday. One of my Vs had a total battery exhaustion, in spite of settings that should have put the V into sleep then hibernation. This is a problem experienced by others too, but not the problem I’m referring to. What happened is that the V did not charge at all after being plugged into the Eve AC adapter.

So in trying to diagnose the root cause (the Eve supplied cable appears to be the problem), a simple charging indicator would have replaced instrumentation that most people do not have. Firstly, if the V had had a status indicator, I would have known immediately that it was not charging. As both an engineer and user, I believe the benefits of status indicators outweigh the disadvantages.