[F] Battery Charging Status while V is switched off


Hello EVE community

Fact is, current state of V is that there is no Battery indicator, neither as Hardware LED on the chassis nor any other way to find out the Battery Charging status while the device is turned of (Windows-Shut Down).

The user should be able to quickly find out if his/her V is charging and how much the Battery has been charged, without having to launch the device into Windows mode.

A cost effective (cheap) Solution could be to enable a similar UEFI functionality that is widely seen on Android Smartphones.

How this function may work:
1. When the device is switched completely off (in our case Windows Shut down), then plugging in the USB C cord for charging the V the device starts being charged, but to see the Battery status the user taps shortly (for 1 second) on the volume button (alternatively power button) then a Battery Graphical icon is shown with the status “charging” and the % charged, after a few seconds the screen turns off completely. The battery status should not be permanently visible, only when shortly pressing the Volume Button for 1 second (when device is completely turned off).

2. Pressing the Power Button of the V for 3 seconds turns the device on and starts Windows (valid only if Power button activation of this Battery status is chosen to be integrated).

3. Each user has their personal choice and preference, therefore we should have the choice to enable or disable this function in UEFI (BIOS menu):

  • ENABLE Battery status while V is switched off

  • DISABLE Battery status while V is switched off "

Graphic Proposal and Use Case

Real Life Examples (thanks @Emili for the photo):

Android Smartphone

This is in fact the most cheap way to have such a Battery Status, while device is switched off. No need for any Hardware modifications and costs.

Would you like to have that feature on our V´s?

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Before you unbox!

Yes, very helpful if I’ve inadvertently killed the battery. I have this on my Samsung phone and tablet.


Bloody great idea! Have been pondering this exact issue.


Absolutely. This is functionality so basic, it’s hard to image that not one of those 1000 minds thought of it in the first place. In practical terms, it turns out one of my chargers is defective (I have four chargers for three Vs), and I had no idea until the next morning when one V had not charged.

And slightly off-topic, but one of the three Vs got so hot on the charger that refrigerated cold packs were necessary to handle it. This will be a test of Eve’s warranty replacement program.


If they do decide to add this feature, I’d prefer if it could be disabled because I wouldn’t want it.


Why? Is it something that bothers you? Just curious.


In UEFI (BIOS menu) it definitely should be like:

  • enable Battery status while V is switched off
  • disable Battery status while V is switched off

In terms of what battery graphics to display, then I would suggest some sleek minimalistic V style with subtle % bars or similar.


My 3 years old Assus T100-HA (2 in 1 windows convertible) has exactly this feature. So it should be clearly feasible in our V.


For 3 reasons

  1. The slower battery charging rate
  2. The light it’ll emit when I’m sleeping
  3. I wouldn’t use it. I plug it in before I turn it off anyway.


I agree with @Mohammad_Hadi points about those 3. Another thing I would like to point out as well is, if the Eve were to have that option, how exactly would you have it like the phone since on phone (once you turned it off, by tapping once on the power button, it will not start the phone and show the battery percentage). But since this is windows (not tablet), when you press the button it will turn on the Eve.


Gracias Emili!

Please, would you be able to post a photo as reference?

Thank you in advance.


For the thoughts, from points 1. & 2.
The suggested “Battery Status” UEFI indicator should only be visible when the user pushes briefly for 1sec the Power button of the V(holding the button for 3 sec should start the V). Then this status screen dimms out and V is in full turned off mode.

Point 3.
Yes, for each of us there is a personal choice, therefore the suggestion of:
"In UEFI (BIOS menu) it definitely should be like:

  • enable Battery status while V is switched off
  • disable Battery status while V is switched off "


See how it works in my Asus tablet

Batery is shown after shortly pressing the power buton when off. Then after few seconds the screen is automatically and totally swiched off.


I too was disappointed to hear the V had no indication of charging status when ‘off’ so something along these lines would be great. Either something on-screen or maybe utilising the Bluetooth indicator in the keyboard or the back-lights in the keyboard or something. Hell, it could even be in the form of a plug-in accessory that fits the audio port (which I’ll rarely use for audio) or similar. Maybe if it had to use the keyboard backlights it could use a different RGB colour for different charge levels.

All that said, I agree that it should either be VERY dim or only appear on-demand (as the OP suggested).

I’d like to see the power button avoided though. Maybe one of the volume buttons could be used instead. I’d prefer this as I don’t want to delay the booting of the device (even 3 seconds) when I want it to boot instead of indicate charging status.
… or, it could just show charging status/level when the power is plugged in. Yes, a slight pain when it’s already plugged in and you want to see it’s charge level (having to unplug it and plug it in again) but it’s better than nothing.

One other thing… I’d like to see this functionality available when the device is just in Sleep as well as when it’s powered off. I’m no expert on what can be achieved with BIOS’s so not sure how possible this would be.


I’m 98% sure this wouldn’t work, as the V can’t communicate with the keyboard in such a way, and as far as I know the backlight are only manipulated by the specific buttons.

Audio jack definately doesn’t work like that. Not even slightly.

It may be possible to have a USB device do this, in which case it could work on most laptops, but I’m not sure if USB can transmit information like that with the device turned off.

This is a good idea, just using volume buttons.

Not sure if that’s feasible. Because the V has already been built, the only potential method at this point of battery indication is pressing a button and having the screen tell you. Doing so while in sleep will likely just wake the device.

The best implementation for laptops is the designated button and indicator light, which will always work regardless of power state. But, again, it’s too late to do this for the V.


I noted the same thing when using a prototype, and not knowing if it was charging. I have seen USB cables with a charging light, and also chargers. Either of these would be sufficient for me. Red light for charging, green light for charged.


Thanks for chiming in.

How well could this UEFI (BIOS) “Battery charge” function proposal be integrated with a firmware update?


How do you @Team, @Xinjie feel about this proposal for the Battery Status?

18.01 One Liner Update

The concept seems sound, and we will definitely look into it to see if it can be implemented through a firmware update. That said, we will mainly focus on fixing bugs and improving existing features based on feedback, before we go after feature requests. So though I’m completely on board with implementing this idea, we may have to wait a while before we see it in practice!

[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)

Thank you very much for the confirmation, @Helios.

Hope this vital function gets implemented in very near future.
Please, contact me as soon as implementation starts, regarding the graphics so I can prepare them for EVE.