[F] App For Monitoring Keyboard Battery


Some form of way to monitor the battery levels in the keyboard onscreen would be great :slight_smile:

[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)

Just throwing this in here, other’s have tried to do this and the keyboard doesn’t seem to be reporting battery levels. An update to drivers/firmware would be required before this would work.

There’s an program called Bluetooth Battery Monitor that displays this for devices that report it. The author also gives instructions for determining if your device reports battery levels over BT:

Determine if your device reports battery level

Phones, Tablets, PCs
These devices do not report battery level via Bluetooth.

Audio devices (such as headphone, headset or speaker)

Battery level information is communicated through Hands Free Profile (HFP). Most Bluetooth audio devices support HFP, but some (such as speakers or Bluetooth to analog converter) do not support it, hence no battery level reporting for them.

If your HID device is a Bluetooth Classic device, the chance that it reports battery level is not so good. It is also known that some major companies (namely Apple and Logitech) use proprietary method to report battery level.

Bluetooth Classic Game Controllers

Technically, game controllers are the part of the HID devices and there is a well-known method to report battery level. If your game controller uses that method, Bluetooth Battery Monitor should be able to support it automatically. But, so far, we have not seen any Bluetooth game controller that uses well-known method.

Sony Dualshock 4 and Microsoft Xbox One controller do implement proprietary methods to report battery level.

Bluetooth Low Energy (Smart) Devices

Generally speaking, you can expect much better battery level reporting support with Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Most Bluetooth Low Energy HID devices (such as keyboard, mouse and pen) do support battery level reporting.

In addition, unlike Bluetooth Classic devices, Bluetooth Low Energy devices have a definitive way to check its battery level reporting capability.

  • Open device manager.
  • Select View menu > Devices by connection
  • Locate the Bluetooth LE device in question in the tree view
  • Look for the Bluetooth LE Generic Attribute Service node(s) under the Bluetooth LE device node.

If there is no such node, this Bluetooth LE device does not report battery level.

If there are one or more such nodes, repeat the following steps for each node.

  • Double click the node to open its Property dialog box.
  • Select Details tab.
  • Select Hardware Ids property.
  • Check if the Value contains …{0000180f-…

If you find a node with …{0000180f-…, this device can report battery level.


I am definitely going to look at this in the interim. But what about when the keyboard is charging from the V? When it’s connected via pogopins it’s not connected via Bluetooth?


It would have to report battery as a USB device, and I’m not sure if Windows reads anything like that. Typically USB keyboards and mice aren’t charging.

Can the keyboard be connected through BT when attached?


Notice in the top right hand corner of this screenshot that the Bluetooth symbol has a battery indicator beside it. Now my headphones are ooooold. This has been a new addition when I upgraded to the most recent version of android, it wasn’t there before. So while that’s a limited view of point in regards to applying this to windows, I’d like to think it was possible?


Nah, that has been in Android for a long time but OnePlus just decided to add it now :slight_smile:

It depends on your headset if they support showing the battery logo and of course if your phone OEM has added it


Dangnabbit. I had a Sony Xperia Z5 for 2 years and while it was never on android 8, it had android 7 and it never did that for me :frowning:


Android can tell you the battery level usually, the little icon in the bar isn’t super common though. Windows 7 used to support BT battery level reporting, and MS junked it for whatever reason.

If you hook your keyboard to your phone will you see the battery thing? Probably not, but please try it and let us know. Right now we need the keyboard to report battery level before we can add anything in Windows.


No battery indication when the V keyboard is connected to my phone unfortunately… just tested it there.


Yep, we just have to wait for the manufacturer to release a firmware update to fix this.

@Xinjie Don’t mean to bother you, but is keyboard battery reporting on the list of requests for manufacturer? If not, could it be added?


What is estimated time on it ?. This is very important one.