[F] Add a Ctrl-Lock & Right Hand Control

An idea based on the great suggestion of @Wickedly over here:

Right now the menu-key works as just that - a menu key. But I think we can expand the current functionality which is:

  • ‘Menu’-Key = Menu

to the following:

  • ‘Menu’-Key = Menu
  • Fn + ‘Menu’-Key = Right Ctrl
  • Fn + ‘Left Ctrl’-Key = Toggle Ctrl-Lock

Ctrl-Lock woud act similiar to the already existing Fn-Lock and would change the keyboard to act like this when it’s active:

  • ‘Menu’-Key = Right Ctrl
  • Fn + ‘Menu’-Key = Menu

This allows for more customizability of the keyboard! :slight_smile: What do you think? :smiley:

Great Idea! I did not noticed (without having a V jet) that there is no right Ctrl.
And I need quite often…

are you suggesting a firmware update to the keyboard?
and is this not doable through auto hotkey already? (yes, it’s another piece of software you have to install)

Yep, I’m suggesting an update to the keyboard firmware!

And no, it’s not due to FN not sending a scancode to the OS (like in 99% of keyboards)


Hey cool, thanks - would have done it myself but um, was, like, doing other stuff.


Oh no, that’s even worse like the old press >Start< to shut down the PC

It’d only be if you’ve got the Ctrl-Lock enabled that it behaves like this :slight_smile:

Oh, so I can relax :slight_smile: Thank`s for the Info

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like someone once said…

Just wondering, with where the Fn and Left Ctrl keys are situated on the keyboard, would it be quite easy to toggle Ctrl-Lock by accident? If so this could lead to some confusion as most people would probably be unlikely to be aware of this function of the keyboard? Hope I’ve understood your post correctly!

Yep, it’d be but it’s just a suggestion right now - for the exact keys for the Ctrl-Lock I’d likely poll community again - because no one wants some half-baked cookies! :slight_smile:


I think this is a great idea, as I don’t really use the menu key (have it on my work laptop and only pressed it if I blindly intended to press control and was in the wrong spot)…